5 Best Reasons for the Importance of Using a Website to Build and Grow Your Business

Are you a businessman who has not used an online system? It is very unfortunate if there are still many small business people who don’t have a good website. Because you will be missing a huge opportunity to expand your sales reach and make a large profit. In 2012, internet users increased to 2.4 billion people. This shows that the internet has become a means of buying and selling products or services, a means of communication, and sharing information.

All of the People are Online

I am a women’s business consultant in South Alabama. They often ask “Do I need a website? Meanwhile, my business is only local products and it is still very small ”. My answer is “Yes, of course”. For those of you business owners, you should try to take advantage of the internet presence. Here’s why:

  • Statistically, in 2011 there were approximately 2.2 billion internet users, which means nearly one-third of the earth’s population.
  • During 2011, $256 billion was spent on purchasing the internet.
  • All methods of purchasing products such as jewelry, books, stocks, and vehicles are done online.
  • The number of internet users is always increasing by 70% every day.
  • Online shopping is now a common thing for internet users because it is easier and cheaper.

So, there is no longer any reason for small business people to start taking advantage of the internet’s presence.

Increase Your Credibility

Since most of the population in this millennial era must have used the internet, then you also have to start telling the world about your business through the website. This is a great opportunity for you to gain the trust of consumers. Consumers nowadays also really expect the presence of business people online, and they are still very careful when it comes to buying an item. Therefore, you as a small businessman must also be able to convince consumers, provide honest and detailed information, and provide the best service.

Here are some tips to increase the credibility of the website

  • Always make web updates based on honest and relevant information regularly.
  • Answer every question of consumers quickly and offer flexible goods according to their needs.
  • Uploading good testimonial messages from customers.
  • Facilitating the comment column for customers and responding well.

With a few tips above, your online business website will increase its credibility and become stronger branding.

Search Engine Optimization and the Benefit

Do you often see a search feature on several competitor webs? Of course, you will often see it. For example, if a customer wants to search, they just need to type “Animal Clinic in San Diego”, it will immediately show the top 5 answers from that competitor. Whereas on your website, this still cannot be done (MIA). Now search sites on the web that are recognized as the most relevant come from Google, Mozilla, and Yahoo.

So, to increase web traffic and make the internet a marketing tool (Search Engine Optimization), you must design a website that has a search feature. Thus, you can produce good quality backlinks, provide maximum content information, and increase the number of visitors to your site.

The application of SEO to your website is very important and necessary. The other benefits you can get include:

  • Recorded ratios related to website usage history. If your site is frequently searched for and opened by users for a long time then you may be in the top search results.
  • Increased visibility, credibility, and trustworthiness. The more your site is searched for, the more you will automatically be promoted on search suggestions and the more users will trust your site.
  • Become a strategy for the long term. Usually, the results of web development will be seen after the next 6-12 months and will last for many years after that.

There is nothing wrong if you use SEO on your site. Because, with this SEO, your business website will develop quickly, the services and product offerings that you have can also be found online.

Global User Presence

Website creation will also bring global customers from all over the world. Because websites on the internet can be accessed anytime and anywhere, customers can also ask about the services or products that you market. This is where the role of the website becomes very useful, namely when the digital footprint of your business is successfully recorded on the international market.

24/7 Full-Time Service

If your business is well known to the crowd, then be prepared to hear incoming money notifications on your site, even when you wake up in the morning. This is not a miracle, but a reality for entrepreneurs. With a 24/7 full-time service on your site, you will also have customers during that time.

I often get requests by email, like the following.

“We want to send a good article that is suitable for your audience, you only need to pay $20 per post, the article will be sent in bulk and we provide a link that invites customers to open your site”.

“We want to pay $3 for each post of your article about education”.

The conclusion is, a website will be a great business marketing tool globally if you can design it optimally and professionally.

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