Branding Awareness

How Likely Will A Person Recognise Your Brand?

It’s without a doubt that Brand Recognition is an essential driving force that pushes a business towards success. By initiating a brand that successfully garners recognition from the market and its consumers, the brand can then be made known to a larger audience — essentially achieving what’s known as Brand Awareness.

Brand Awareness is governed by three primary metrics that are capable of influencing a person’s awareness of your brand. They are Exposure, Intimacy and Uniqueness. Although Brand Recognition and Brand Awareness are terms that are often used interchangeably, there are differences in each of them. As such, it can be said that Brand Awareness is the result of Brand Recognition. It’s also a tool that assists your brand to be differentiated from other brands with similar business elements. In other words, Brand Awareness is a key aspect that can propel you towards being a household name, rather than ‘just another business.’



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