What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? How do you generate leads from SEM?


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SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to a range of paid search advertising tactics. You can see it as a Google ad, and it normally appears at the top of a page list. This is usually related to keyword placement and application, which is one of the reasons why handling it correctly may necessitate some additional expertise and planning.

You can build brand awareness by using SEM, which means you’ll be at the top of the list every time someone searches. SEM can also be a great way to drive traffic to your website. Since it always relates to paid ads, and if you are using it, you will be able to track traffic on paid advertising and design campaigns based on that data.

And here are some examples of SEM-based advertising activities you can consider:

  • An advertising campaign with targeted (paid) targets
  • Keywords used in copywriting
  • Budgets are required for advertising activities
  • Using key performance metrics such as click-through rates (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC) to guide future ad campaigns


Is SEO a part of SEM?


The difference in SEO and SEM is actually the result of different approaches to advertising. SEO is often described as an umbrella term that includes SEM, but since SEM refers strictly to paid advertising, they are actually separate items. However, both of them are marketing strategy example in digital marketing


SEM is the process of finding traffic via the use of paid advertisements. However, SEO is primarily concerned with collecting, monitoring, and understanding organic traffic trends (unpaid).


Keywords are frequently used in SEO and SEM to increase traffic to business websites and web pages. Even though the marketing strategies are used differently, both of them are concerned with traffic and how they connect to your marketing activities. After that, customers will try to use search engines to locate what they are searching for, and they can have two options to find it, either through organic (SEO) or paid results (SEM).


4 Advantages of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in Your Marketing Strategy

When you are planning to hire a reliable SEM agency, one important thing you should know is that you are concerned with the advantage of using SEM service. And here are four benefits of SEM you can get once you apply for it. 


Providing Higher-Quality Traffic

Audience targeting allows the majority of people who click on your ads to suit your customer persona. They are interested in the items or services you offer and might be willing to purchase. A few high-quality visitors who are eager to buy something you have to sell are more beneficial in SEM than a thousand window merchants.


Efficient Cost for Advertising

If you need to compare SEM and traditional advertising, it will surely save you lots of money. It is because you will only spend your money for an ad whenever someone clicks on it. This is strategic and of course, such cost-efficient. Unlike traditional advertising, you must pay a certain charge despite how many people interact or engage in your commercials.


Audience with Specific Interests

Fully understanding who your clients are and what their interests are is a necessity for SEM. We can use that information to decide who sees your advertising based on age, geographic area, Internet search history, and news interests.

Instant Results 

Because SEM is proactive, you may see benefits very immediately. It may provide you with instant access in search engine results and expose your ads to the relevant audience. You can design digital marketing strategies that produce income with only a few clicks since PPC ads prioritize customers who are likely to purchase.


Search Engine Optimization vs Search Engine Marketing


If you are still confused or maybe wondering what is the difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? How do the two work together? Well you can look at this table below:


Unpaid ranking methods Paid and unpaid ranking methods
Is used to achieve the highest rank by combining keywords and links Relies on daily traffic generation
Is one of the parts of SEM Includes SEO 
Takes years and years to get results. Can get results instantly.  
Focused by small businesses Mostly used by big companies 


How Experts Manage SEM Campaigns


Some people who don’t really get into digital marketing are wondering how to manage your business with a SEM campaign. Well don’t be worried and pay attention to these points: 


    • Analyze Keyword and Management (It is critical to find the optimal keywords. Hyper-targeted keywords produce impressions, and clicks result in results.)
    • Split Testing (Optimizing budgets and generating high ROI. Always make sure that trials count.)
    • Running the Campaign (Making sure to stay in the line of its performance and  identify the optimal number of ads daily)
    • Analyze Data (Predict all the data of ad campaigns and also spot trends and red flags)
    • Report it transparently (Data from a SEM campaign may provide you with useful information about your company and target audience.)
    • Tracking the growth (check how many people have been engaged to the ads)  


Trusted SEM Company in Singapore


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