10 Corporate Fun Activities For Team Building Exercise In Singapore

Having a team that works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful. If your job involves team building event, making it fun is the best thing to do. 

If you’ve been tasked to plan some team-building initiatives or if your team just needs to get together and have some fun, these activities will be most effective in helping your group bond. Team-building activities can be a lot of fun for adults, too. There are many choices for online activities that can be fun for your team such as carnival game.

This article is about how to make team building fun. It includes tips on how to do this. Some of these tips are easy to implement, while others require more planning. So, let’s start with the easy ones first. How to make team building fun You don’t need to be a creative genius to create fun activities for your team. You’ll be fine if you remember that fun is essential.

Two types of corporate team-building activities

The activities can be done indoors or outdoors. Group discussions, individual presentations, small group activities, or other events where participants are separated from one another can be indoor activities. Team walks, hikes, bike rides, kayaking, and other activities are outdoors. Team building is a term used to describe any activity that aims to improve the effectiveness of an organization or group by helping them to work together. Some team-building exercises are done indoors or outdoors.

The outdoor activities’ character is very different from the indoor activities. You will most likely conduct these activities during office hours or at the weekend. Many team retreat activities are outside, so that you won’t be doing much of that. Indoor activities are more serious because of this. The aim is to improve communication, trust, and collaboration skills, but they have a formal tilt.

Kayak fishing and sailing for corporate team-building events

Nothing is like team sports in water sports. They’ll get your team fired up. The kayak fishing tours in Singapore are fun no matter what tour you take. Use the Jumbo Party package to organize a fun team-building exercise. Two rounds of fishing are included in the package. There is a chance to win a grand prize of fishing jerseys and other prizes worth over SGD300!

It’s a great kayak fishing trip for anyone who enjoys getting out into the freshwater, whether your goal is a quick and easy half day. You don’t have to worry about being able to swim, fish, or kayak if you want to go on a fishing trip with us. This is a perfect team-building experience for school trips, corporate team building and company retreats.

Do virtual gaming together

Want team building activities virtual? After being stuck in Singapore for two years, we all feel a little bored. Take your team to the city’s zaniest virtual reality arcades if you want to entertain yourself with team building games. We’re discussing how to solve brainteasers, battle aliens, and survive when all hell breaks loose. Is your game ready to go?

A campfire team-building event

An activity that inspires storytelling and builds team bonding, it’s a game that everyone can play. Teams gather in a circle and share their workplace experiences. They discover new things about each other and relive old memories along the way. This informal learning event is for sharing experiences with others and having fun together! It is also great team-building activities for small groups.

How to hold a campfire team-building event?

  1. A set of words can be used to start a story Think of words such as “first day”, “partnership” and so on. Add the sticky notes with them.
  2. Take a whiteboard and divide it into two parts. There is one section of the whiteboard that has sticky notes on it.
  3. Ask a participant to pick a word from the sticky notes and use it to talk about their first day at the company. The sticky note should be on the other side of the whiteboard.
  4. Ask others to remind them of similar work-related stories when the participant relates his/her experience. You can paste these words on the whiteboard.
  5. Repeat this process until you have a wall of words with interwoven stories.

Tell stories. They make our communities stronger. A storytelling session focused on work-related stories can loosen a room up and encourage people to share their experiences. It’s not just about having fun—it’s about being able to meet new people and build connections.

Do a craft workshop together

Great ideas are always better than great solutions. The best way to spend an afternoon is by enjoying an interactive children’s crafts workshop in the city. Take knitting, quilting, leather craft or weaving class, and you’ll be amazed at how much fun it is! Make things more interesting. Have your colleagues create something for their specific partners and teammates. We can’t imagine a better present for your co-worker.

Do a team adventure

If you’re tired from sitting too long and feel cramped in your cubicle, take your team for an afternoon of outdoor fun. You can swing on a flying fox, dangle across suspension bridges and take daredevil leaps at Forest Adventure Park. As a team, you can conquer the challenge no matter how big or scary it is in front of you.

Do a simple happy hour after work

Well, it’s a no-brainer if you work with colleagues who love happy hours. You could close shop early, book a few tables at a rooftop bar or a hidden speakeasy, and order rounds for everyone. Make sure to add a mocktail for those who don’t want to drink alcohol. Get ready to tell all your funny jokes.

Create an office trivia quiz

There are many ways to get people to participate, whether in an exercise class or by playing trivia at an event. In many situations asking a few trivia questions about your workplace is a good way to make the team work together. It takes all the skills you have already learned and then some. This is an amazing game to play when you’ve already got the basics down. You can also do this indoor or outdoor team building activities, with small or large groups, so it’s a great option for group events.

All of your teammates work in the same office. They are a great team. When you’re at a meeting, having the proper accessories with you is important. A great game to play with your team is this. Games like this are fun and easy to run, but they also highlight the things we have in common, improving teamwork.

Play a board game

You know you’re ready for a job where people count on you when the responsibilities keep piling up. Board game cafes are popular in Singapore, where you can get a short break from the grind and spend time with friends and family. There was no responsibility or carefully-crafted emails. You can see different sides of your co-workers in this relaxed environment. A game of charades is always fun.

The classic truth or lies

An easy game to play in small groups or as an activity with friends and family. For this activity, each person has to say three true things and one lie about himself. I’m guessing you want me to tell you which one is true.

There is no competitive element to this game. It’s just a fun way to meet new friends. Sometimes players are so good at lying that it becomes the funniest thing in the world.

Make a corporate team-building dinner

Another sure-fire way to win the hearts of your colleagues: indulging in good food. Ordering from these catering and food delivery services will make you as popular as the prom queen. Feel free to socialise indoors at your teammates with your teammates while munching on finger food – you know there will always be extra, so you can sneakily dapao home.

A Jenga is a great idea

This is a fun ice-breaker to take your team to the next level. It tests their communication skills and helps them to develop new strategies for problem-solving. Get your employees laughing and having fun by giving them some fun dares. You’ll be amazed at how many people will come to you with suggestions for dares.

When you make a square block, this puzzle comes with 20 dares worth 10 points per dare. Once you make the last block, place it over the previous stack of blocks and turn it upside down. Pulling a block out means you’re about to do something really dangerous. You might need to do the dare that’s written on the block.

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