11 Outdoor Team Building Event Ideas And How to Plan Them Successfully

It’s easy to fall into the trap that someone is defined only by their role and responsibilities when we see them in the same situation. A team-building activity is designed to get participants to realize that they play a bigger part in achieving more.

Group activities include team building event. These could include team-building exercises. There are many ways to have fun, such as scavenger hunts and field trips. Team-building exercises allow you to get fresh air and sunshine, build trust, and have fun. The outdoor team-building exercises are called that because you get together with a group of people in the wilderness, and you can’t do much outside.

If you want to increase the fun factor of your company’s get-togethers or create new opportunities for your business, these are the best team-building activities for corporate fun. Giving people a chance to visit a new place is a fun way to bring people together. Team building activities are done for all teams. By completing the challenges, teams improve their problem-solving skills by working together to achieve a common goal.

The definition of outdoor team-building activities

Outdoor team building activities Singapore helps build a strong team and improve how they work with one another. The events could include parties, workshops, and games. Team building has many things to do. If you want to change the pace and boost employee engagement, outdoor team building is the way.

If you’re planning to create outdoor team-building activities, here are several outdoor team activities ideas and how you should execute them successfully:

Geocaching team building activity

You can hunt for treasure on a scavenger hunt. Participants can follow a map to find the treasure hidden nearby. These outdoor team-building games for adults are great when you don’t want something, return it to the container so other people can find it. This game is what you need when you don’t have any ideas for activities to do. You can watch the log to see how many people find the treasure.

Your team will be given a map to embark on this exciting hunt for General Miyazaki’s treasure. At each location, clues from Singapore’s architecture, monuments and artefacts will be given to your team.

Egg drop challenge

We like throwing stuff out of a building if we say we don’t want it anymore. The game tests team-building and problem-solving skills. There is no right or wrong answer when people throw things off the roof.

How to do the egg drop challenge:

  1. You can get a carton of eggs and simple building materials.
  2. Divide the team into two or more teams. Small groups need to work together. A group of no more than three to five people is ideal. Distribute the materials to everyone.
  3. The challenge is for everyone to build a carrier in 20 to 30 minutes, allowing an egg to be dropped off the roof of the building. Each team has to drop the carrier. First, whoever completes the challenge without breaking the eggs wins.

Top tip: It’s a good idea to avoid this team activity on a hot day as no one likes the smell of rotting eggs in the parking lot.

Cardboard boat challenge

Armed with only the barest materials, your team will have to work together as they create a crazy, wet, fun team-building activity. Once you have built your boat, you need to gain points by creating a great design, designing a great look and feel, and being as functional as possible.

This activity can be a quick outdoor team building activities for your team.

Doing a marathon

Exercise with a social component is the best way to get active with your team. If your business is about improving other people’s lives, consider holding a race, charity walks, fundraiser, or bake sale. There are a lot of different opportunities out there, and each of them supports something positive.

The best way for your team to help raise money is to encourage them to contribute to the cause. You may also tap into their social networks for additional contributions. Whether you’re trying to raise money for a school trip or raise awareness for a charity, you can participate in a fun and simple way that will surely get your friends to join the activity.

Doing a local activity for the community

Beach cleanup is necessary to maintain and protect the beautiful coast. Littering is detrimental to our community and is unsightly to the people who enjoy the ocean. Studies have shown that the cost of cleaning up litter is small compared to the long-term benefits to the community.

Team building activities can give your team a chance to work together and cooperate towards a common goal. Cleaning up your local parks and waterways, whether it’s in your town or in a national park, is a great way to give back to the community while raising awareness and funds for environmental concerns.

The famous running man challenge

Bringing the mega-hit South Korean game show to Singapore’s shores is a smart move by Universal Studios. This activity will be an excellent way for fans of the TV show to bond or a new fan of the show to meet others who share their passion.

Try the outdoor rope course

There are many popular types of team-building exercises that are both fun and educational. Rope courses are one of the more common ones. These physical obstacle courses are designed to test a group of people’s mental, emotional, and physical strength to work together.

You could create teams out of cardboard, paper or anything else that’s sturdy enough to hold everyone’s weight. There are a lot of rope courses that include adventure elements, such as tightropes, ziplines, tree houses, and high bridges. These exercises are designed to help your team build trust, learn how to work together, and overcome obstacles and fears as a group.

Paintball team building activity

A team-building activity that all ages can enjoy is paintball. The groups were trying to hit each other with coloured balls of paint. Count the number of hits to win or be knocked out in a single hit. If you want to play paintball, head to a range or field. It will give you everything you need.

Capturing the flag 

Capture the Flag is a team strategy game played outdoors. Each team receives a flag that is only visible from their own side. The game’s object is to capture other teams’ flags while protecting your flag at all costs. If you’ve ever played golf, you know that there are typically two teams.

Team sports activity

It’s a great day, and it’s nice to spend it with friends outside, playing sports and getting some exercise. This brings back happy memories for us, but we’d never think of doing it on an actual sporting field unless we were in the park.

How to do it:

This activity is very easy to do. Groups are divided into different teams and the teams compete in different sports on a sports day. Soccer, volleyball, and dragon boat racing are fun ways to communicate and collaborate. Whether you want to play tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, or just play a casual game of catch with your dog, you need a big yard to play sports.

Top tip: You should be aware of the physical abilities and personality types of the people who are participating in your activity. Some people feel embarrassed or humiliated by the physical nature of your sport, while others may be extremely competitive and make it uncomfortable for everyone involved.

An escape room activity

While not technically an outdoor activity, escape rooms are incredible team building activities that happen outside of the office. A team is where everyone works together towards solving problems, engaging in challenging tasks, and having fun! This team-building adventure will help your team practice communication, build trust, and bond over an exciting shared adventure.

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