8 Great Guides For Your Restaurant Grand Opening Party

Starting a restaurant or buying a restaurant franchise is one of the best ways to turn a profit. The grand opening of your business is finally here, and now it’s time to celebrate. Unsure where to begin? This guide will help you select the right staff, equipment, and décor, as well as how to plan for the best opening.

Hosting a worthy restaurant’s grand opening can get a lot of interest, especially when the restaurant is new. This is an ideal opportunity to showcase your restaurant business to potential customers. You’re going to need a network with local business people in your area so that you can form strategic partnerships.

Big restaurant openings need a lot of planning, so ensure you have all your bases covered. A restaurant launch is more than just a pretty picture on social media. It’s also about standing out from the competition and drawing a big crowd. To help you create a successful and unforgettable restaurant grand opening ceremony, here are some of the guides:

Promote your restaurant’s grand opening

Whether an established restaurant or just a new one, a proper grand opening needs a marketing plan. The first big marketing push involves getting attention. You want people from the entire city to know about your restaurant. To get more people to hear about your product or service, make sure you have the following set of tips in place:

Send invitations

You should send invitations before the grand opening. Invite everyone, and you don’t have to limit your target audience. Guests who are likely to get the word out are not afraid to tell others about the new product. Here’s a list of some people you should invite to the event:

  • Family and friends 
  • Business partners 
  • Local officials (i.e., fire chief, police chief, police officers, etc.) 
  • Local press 
  • Politicians 
  • Neighboring businesses 
  • Company representatives 
  • Vendors 
  • Funders 
  • Social media influencers 

Make sure the guests are compatible with the business of the restaurant. They should be in an excellent position to contribute to the grand opening.

Get help from influencers

Influencer marketers are now just a few keystrokes away, thanks to the internet. There are some incredible people out there in the world who make a living because of their talent, whether it’s as a musician, an actress, or a social media influencer who can help you gather more crowd for your restaurant opening.

You don’t need a large budget to make an impact with politicians, local sports personalities, and local radio personalities. Partnering with food critics or vloggers that have large followings will help to promote your business.

If you’ve got an influencer to agree to be a part of your event, make sure to have as many conversations. Get yourself a red carpet and invite the press to come to take photos. Hang out with a few people at a local coffee shop or restaurant and try to attract the attention of people who want to take pictures. Asking someone to sign an item for a customer is a great way to create a big buzz.

Advertise your grand opening restaurant locally

You can’t afford to be creative in your advertising for the grand opening announcement. Use traditional means of advertising like billboards, flyers, and signs. Set them in strategic places so that they generate leads from heavy traffic.

Consider using paper fans or balloon displays to promote your event. They are a cost-effective way to get your message across. Have your employees wear uniforms and stand along the roadside with banners. Advertise on the radio or in newspapers to help people remember your business in the future.

Try a soft open before your restaurant’s grand opening event

Practice makes perfect for making sure your grand opening is a success. You’ll have no problem pulling it off once you know what to do. An Opening Night Rehearsal for your operations and staff is a good way to warm them up. After you have some feedback for you to work with, then you should open your store.

Before you open, you should do an inventory audit to make sure your inventory is working. If you find something out of the ordinary, it could cause a problem. You need to make sure you are covered by all your legal obligations. You must be aware of any local laws that might affect your business.

 Prioritize customer experience

The customer is always right! Make sure you pay attention to all the little details that will make your customers feel important. They are the reason your restaurant is open! It’s important to make customers feel welcome when they come into your restaurant. They should always have an awesome dining experience.

You must ensure your customers are treated well, that their food tastes good and that they feel satisfied when they’re there to order. You want your guests to walk out the door with a smile and say, “This was awesome!” If they walk out unhappy, it’s all on you.

Give out free perks

Free things are what people love about them. Whether complimentary hors devours, a drink on the house, or some branded sunglasses, giving them grand opening gift ideas makes them feel special and develops positive vibes. When they toss your shades on, they will be reminded of how hungry you are at that particular moment.

Don’t forget to post your restaurant’s grand opening event on social media

Don’t get caught up in the amount of money you spend on your grand opening. You can spread the word to your fans and followers on your site and social media. Don’t delay in spreading the word because it is free and works. There are a few ways to create a buzz about your first day on social media.

Document it!

Restaurants can use social media to get their customers to follow them. If you give out free samples on your opening day, it will help you promote your restaurant on social media. You might want to take a picture at your retail location if you are doing this.

Attract people to share their experiences

Your customers will love to post their reviews of your grand opening to their communities of followers. Make sure they know what social channels your business is on, and encourage them to tweet, post, and share their experience of your service.

You can even have an Instagram booth at the event. The best part is you could get paid to do it! You’ll also find information about where to find the best Instagram booths for your event.

Create a social media contest to start the buzz for your restaurant’s grand opening

You can offer coupons or giveaways to guests who visit your restaurant at your grand opening. After the event, share the details on social media, and let them know they can post photos of their grand opening with the hashtags #yourrestaurant and #yourcoupon. Create a unique hashtag like #sallysdinergrandopening, and ask people to share photos that will give people an idea of what they’ll experience at Sally’s Diner.

Create multiple events for the feeling of anticipation of your restaurant’s grand opening

A buzz about the store can be created by running more than one event. Hold a staff meeting to thank them for their hard work. A great idea is to host a reception for journalists and other local business owners and send them home with a menu card. This event was an official restaurant soft launch.

Smaller events let you customize them to meet the community’s specific needs and can be a good place to try out new marketing strategies.

Go all out with a restaurant’s grand opening ceremony party

Hang some streamers over your bed to make it feel more festive. A bottomless mimosa is fun, too. You’ve got to remember, however, that if you want to make a memorable grand opening, you have to go outside of the box. Think about what your customers would really love to spend time doing or seeing.

If you’re an edgy restaurant with unique items all over the walls and are going after a younger crowd, then consider sweetening the pot with some live entertainment. If your parking lot is big enough, invite a small carnival to set up for the weekend. Nothing draws an impromptu crowd like flashing lights, fun rides, and the promise of great food and games.

What happens if you do not hire professional event management for your restaurant’s grand opening ceremony?

In any case, regardless, regular issues will come to your direction. Unanticipated events, vendor issues, and clashes are a growing challenge for event planners. They need to take a proactive stance to avoid any future pitfalls.

Large crowds are what every event planner dreams of, and an important step in planning them. But you have to be careful about the possibility of accidents and the potential dangers that they may pose.

Make sure to keep track of how many people are planning to attend your event through the discussion boards, engagement and panels through the event app. Having the proper tools and supplies for your event can create a stress-free environment for your attendees and it will increase the level of trust among your attendees regarding your planning skills!

Use an event management service to help you prevent these mistakes so you can focus more on serving the best service and food for your restaurant’s grand opening:

  • Too many people come to your grand opening event
  • Your event goes overtime
  • Pick out the wrong venue that does not describe your brand’s value
  • Inconsiderate of little things
  • You go over budget and work overtime

Therefore, hire a great and experienced grand opening planner such as 24Owls. With us, we will help you visualize your grand opening event ideas whether it’s unique grand opening ideas, come to life and make them successful.

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