How To Create A Successful Carnival Game Event?

Many schools, churches, cities, towns, and other organizations have generated much-needed funds by hosting a carnival because they’re fun! They’re a lot of fun, that’s why everyone loves going to the carnival. Go for it; you’ll have fun too! No one does a better job of making memories for people than a carnival. This is a magical time for families, especially as summer turns to fall.

You’ve got a big event coming up – do you know what new trends are trending? Incorporate them into your next big event to boost sales, increase participation and deliver more fun for everyone. To help you plan the best carnival possible, we have compiled a library of carnival ideas, information, best practices, games, and tools.

One of the top carnival event planners in Singapore is called 24Owls. From family day, carnival theme DnD, children’s day celebration and roadshow carnival, we have done it all. There is a guide on planning a carnival event in Singapore in 2022, similar to professional event planners. We hope this will show you how to create a successful carnival game event.

You need to process your permission first

You need to find out what permits are required to host the carnival before doing anything else. Each state’s, city’s, and county’s requirements to get a building permit are different, so check each state’s, city’s, and county’s requirements. This will help you to get the licenses and permits you need to operate in your state. It would be a shame to take a lot of time and money to put on a carnival, only to have it shut down on the first day. 

Permits are likely to be required and you should consider these:

  • Public Event Permit
  • ABC License
  • Temporary Event Permit
  • Community Event Permit
  • Food Vendor Operating Permit
  • Temporary Food Facility Permit
  • CEP Application 
  • Liquor License

If you own a business, you need to hire a lawyer. There are many elements you have to deal with, such as permits, hiring security, fireworks, parking, portable toilets, etc. The best time to plan an event is when you’re not planning an event. If you know the city’s strict rules and how much work they will do for you, start planning your next event in advance.

Choose a strategic location

If you have a passion for working with kids, hosting events at your house, or running your own carnival, this is your life! It’s important to figure out where you should hold the carnival. Being near a busy road makes parking easy and convenient and provides plenty of open space.

Carefully consider all potential locations before locking down on one. In order for the carnival to attract a big crowd, it needs to take place in an ideal location.

The key to hosting a great wedding is finding a space that is large enough to host the activities you intend to include in your wedding. Most carnivals are held in dusty fields, outside the town, with parking being as big or bigger than the venue itself.

Work with the right team

If you want your carnival to run smoothly, you need the right people in place. Don’t just pick the first three or four you see on your list. Choose staff, volunteers, and carnival attendees by considering which criteria and needs they meet best. A successful hiring process at the carnival requires having a hard-working, team-oriented mindset and effective communication skills.

If you are looking for volunteers, look for ticketing software that has volunteer sign-up solutions. For example, an event promoter can use Purplepass to create separate events where volunteers can sign up for preferred positions, check-in, and access safety materials and rule books. It is a central hub for communication between the management and their team.

Before looking for volunteers or staff, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many volunteers are required?
  • Is it possible to have extra volunteers on stand-by?
  • What shifts and hours do we need our volunteers to work?
  • How are we going to get people to volunteer?
  • Is there an incentive for anyone that volunteers, such as a free day pass?

Some positions are needed at carnivals you should know

  • The crew should be set up and torn down
  • Concession workers
  • Admissions/gate entry
  • Merchandise stands
  • Booths – games, and prizes
  • First Aid Booth
  • Floaters (fill in where needed)
  • Parking Directors
  • Security
  • Publicity Support (marketing teams)
  • Ride Management 
  • Janitors (throughout the event)
  • There is a booth with information and a directory. 

Decide your carnival games 

You can contact us directly here to assist you in your game selection! Depending on your budget and theme, you may also want to consider having some arcade games at your event!

We recommend you use some new games and different prizes every year. You may not know all of them, but your guests will love to play these games. Make sure that the classic items are always popular so that the game continues to be interesting for players. Keep adding new, fun items each year. Try to make sure there is at least one game for kids of all ages and the ability level of the players.

Depending on how large or small the budget and priorities are for your carnival planning committee, you have many options for attractions, what to include, and the number of rides you would want. Here are the carnival game list:

  • Merry Go Round
  • Cliff Hanger
  • Zero Gravity
  • Haunted House
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Free Fall
  • Scrambler
  • Bumper Cars
  • Tilt-a-Whirl
  • And many more!

A variety of ride options including carnival games for adults and easy carnival games ensures that everyone leaves the carnival satisfied and happy.

It’s a great idea to have a lucky draw

Singaporeans love the lucky draws, especially when a carnival event and tickets are involved. It keeps guests at the party happy. They’ll be more interested in the event and have a chance to win prizes. It’s also one of the ways to get people talking about the event even after it has ended.

Have carnival games rental booths

To make an authentic fun-filled carnival, it’s best to rent carnival games, concessions, and perhaps even a bouncy house. Carnival rides have an important role to play in helping carnivals garner a crowd.

There are many rental companies out there with options for anything you might want. When it comes to dunking tanks, inflatable structures giant slides, and simulators, the more fun you’ll have, the better.

It’s best for you to get support from sponsors

Sponsorships for the carnival are one of the best ways to reduce costs. Sponsoring a carnival is a lot of work, but for carnival planners it’s worthwhile. They are able to find sponsorships that are mutually beneficial. Not sure how to get a company to sponsor the carnival?

It can often be as easy as just stopping by a local business in person, sending a quick email or LinkedIn message, or networking with other people in the carnival planning organization to find connections to local businesses. People are often successful at finding new sponsors by reaching out to new local businesses for sponsorship opportunities.

Most carnival organizers have found that offering a variety of sponsorship packages has been helpful. If you offer options, then your potential customers will have choices. The best ways to explain what your organization’s purpose is and how you plan to fund your organization are important elements of any sponsorship ask.

Lastly, promote your carnival game event

One of the necessary but not often-discussed activities that go into planning a carnival is marketing. If no one knows about the carnival, no one will come.

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