7 Low-Budget Virtual Product Launch Event Ideas

Product launch events are common across several industries, especially for smaller companies. Events are a great way to show off your product and get a head start with your sales. But we also live in a much more socially distanced, mediated, and the remote-friendly world now, and a virtual or hybrid event aspect will make your product launch a little bit different.

Launching a product is the same as the product itself. The products will not sell themselves. If you plan a successful event, you can get your first sales. Product launches are possible in the present day. Hosting a virtual product launch may be a great idea if you’re looking to present your products to the world. Anyone with an internet connection can attend this event.

The Internet has made it easier for businesses to launch their products and services to a global audience. With the right planning and execution, a virtual product launch can be just as successful (if not more) than an in-person event.

What is a product launch event?

You showcase your new product at this event. You build hype around a product to impress the audience. It is a good idea to invite people to your product launch event. This will encourage others to talk about the product. It makes it easier for people who need it to get your product.

An “Ultimate” product launch can ignite a huge amount of interest. It could be in the form of blogs, product reviews, product pre-orders, qualified leads, or interest from investors.

Launching your products at events that have an impact is important to building sales. These events are where people first see your product, so make sure to promote it properly. Getting some virtual product launch event ideas will make your product launch a success.

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Here are several ideas to create a successful low-budget creative virtual product launch event ideas: 

Create a contest and giveaways

The idea of winning a gift tends to sound appealing and encourage audience engagement with your brand. Social media contests have grown exponentially. You might want to hold a social media contest in order to draw attention to your business. This will give your brand more exposure.

Whether you want to get more customers, engage your current customers, or promote a new product, there are many ways to get people to interact with your brand and share it with their friends. This will only work if it’s clear that the people who can buy your product stand a real chance of winning.

Attractive prizes are likely the biggest motivating factor for people participating in your giveaway or contest. You can offer coupons or discounts on your new product, a limited or exclusive version, or the most popular items in your store.

Take advantage of social media to virtually launch your product

If you’re using social media for product launch events, another way to build excitement is to create a countdown for the event on your social media channels and encourage your followers to interact with you during the countdown.

AND NOW that the event is over, social media is still your best friend and ally. You’ll never lose an opportunity because you didn’t capture a good photo or video. Post product and event-related content, and continue to share relevant product and event-related content across your social media platforms to attract more fans. Make sure to engage in conversations with your customers, and keep them talking.

Adding a social wall to your presentation is possible. When other people are talking about the product, the best buzz will come from them. To build trust with your audience, promote your brand indirectly. Your audience can be captured with the right approach.

A pre-recorded product launch event

Whether you have a live stream or just a pre-recorded video, broadcasting a product launch during a live stream is an excellent way to reach a wider audience than a traditional product launch. You can get an even better shot by shooting your videos more than once, and then editing them out if any mistakes occur. The more takes you to shoot, the more you’re likely to edit out any mistakes you make. So take as many takes as possible before editing.

Broadcast a pre-recorded video so that you can edit it to your advantage. You don’t need to present in a regular fashion to deliver a message or product. It’s impossible to put a limit on the possibilities of this tool.

A count-down product launch event

One way you can create anticipation for your virtual product launch is to start a countdown. You can either do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

This is a great reminder of your event that shouldn’t be ignored. It reminds your audience and keeps them up to date on the event. Make sure to regularly update your countdown timer.

Otherwise, you could lose business to competitors who are more active on social media.

Use teaser videos to build anticipation

Video trailers are a great way to generate buzz and hype around your virtual product launch. You need to have a good story and a lot of charisma to make these videos work. They don’t make you money, but you can put them out there and see if they do well. Create awesome teaser videos to build buzz around your new Amazon listing. These videos should be brief, clear, and eye-catching.

Make sure to upload short videos during the planning of the launch. This video could show snippets of the launch, the features, and what the audience can expect when it goes live. Make sure to keep it fresh and interesting. People love to read about new products, services, and ideas.

Don’t neglect the editing if you’re planning to use a teaser video for your product. Your teaser video should be professionally produced and have a clear call to action. Make sure the video is high quality and eye-catching and includes essential information, including your branding, along with the product name, date, and time of its launch.

Release these videos gradually, starting about 1 month before the event. This gives sufficient time for the videos to gain momentum and for your audience to share them.

Create a product launch event presentation

A virtual presentation is a way of creating a presentation for a product launch that doesn’t require you to create a physical slide deck. You can use it to make an online slideshow you can share with your target audience. If you have a product launch and don’t have time to prepare a physical presence, you can use a virtual presentation instead. You can create a virtual presentation using PowerPoint and share it online. 

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