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Launch your business with a bang! Your company should be thinking about ways to launch a product, exhibit, or showcase your products, services, or brand. The best time to plan an event is now! You don’t need to organize everything on your own. It would be best if you leave it to expert event planners, 24 Owls Group Event Management Company

What types of event management can be managed successfully by 24 Owls Group?

Event management companies do not only make things easier for you; they can also add some creativity, glamour, and professionalism to your event. Your wedding is the best thing ever to happen to your guests. In the end, they’ll remember every moment of your special day.


Company anniversary event management

An Overview A company anniversary is a day in which an organization celebrates the fact that it has reached a specific point in time, the date of its founding. It is a day of celebration and a chance to commemorate all the hard work and effort of the people who made the company what it is today. What are some things you could do to celebrate your company’s anniversary? It is important to keep in mind that the celebration should be different from any other business event.

At 24owls Group, we understand how difficult it can be to plan an anniversary celebration. Our experts can help you find the perfect venue, the best caterers, delicious drinks, and the right vibe for your event. Our team will come up with a party for you and the company that will help you relax and socialize. With many years of experience in planning and running such celebrations, 24 OwlsGroup will make sure you have an unforgettable party.



Grand opening and groundbreaking ceremony for your business

Get the ball rolling with a new business! The first step is to get the ball rolling by completing your grand opening or groundbreaking ceremony for your new business or new products. From there, we will help you create a successful grand opening ceremony that perfectly targeted your business customers, vision, and goals. Not only that, we will help you portray the best personal branding through your opening ceremony.


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What does 24 OwlsGroup offer for your grand opening business?

24owlsgroup is the grand opening and groundbreaking event planner in Singapore and we offer a wide range of launch mechanism ideas and event management services. Such as:


  • A simple ribbon-cutting opening

The ceremony, at which the ribbon is cut by a representative of the owner or a local government official. 

A large party will be held afterward, where people can enjoy food and drinks while they socialize with friends and family. After the ceremony, guests are invited to explore the grounds of your business or products.




Hybrid events

Combining our event management service expertise in virtual and physical events, we’ve ensured that both virtual and physical audiences can interact with each other seamlessly.

By allowing participants to mix and match virtual and physical experiences, they can create their own unique events. Flexible events Our goal is to provide a flexible environment for you to create your own unique event. With our state-of-the-art production facilities, we are able to provide a wide variety of spaces for your audience. We also offer the ability to use our 3D projection technology for your presentations and workshops.


Video teleconferencing

We’ve helped many clients to manage their virtual events using various video teleconferencing platforms including Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams.

 For more information about our grand opening event management service, contact our best team here.



Carnival event planner

Are there carnival events in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur? Corporate Family Day, Themed Corporate D&D, Corporate Team Bonding, Promotional Activities, Indoor Funfair Carnival, CSR Day Carnival, No matter what, you might not be sure how to put together an event that will be fun for everyone. That’s where 24 OwlsGroup professional experience comes to help you.


What we guarantee:

  • Fun carnival activities
  • Engaging its visitors
  • Smooth event
  • Free of the stress process
  • Offer different carnival event packages

What our carnival events include:

  • Sound system
  • Game booths
  • Arcade games
  • Photography service
  • Inflatable games
  • Food station
  • Art & crafts
  • And any other request from you!

Dinner and dance event planner for every occasion

Your organisation needs a new way to reward its staff. What could work better than a lavish Gala dinner and dance event to recognise their efforts? Setting clear goals and targets is a great way to motivate your staff.

This would ensure that everyone is measured against the same standard, and motivated to continue working hard in order to achieve success.

Why you should hire 24 OwlsGroup for your dinner and dance event?

  • To avoid overbudgeting due to unprofessional handlers and mistakes created by the inexperienced team
  • Stress-free 
  • Forgetting little details that can ruin the event, budget, and timing.
  • An inexperience team can be disastrous
  • To avoid overcrowding because of uninvited guests

With complete peace of mind, the Events Company can provide you with everything you need to plan and run your own Gala.

We’re the best choice for event managers because we offer services to plan, produce and deliver any event.

Whether your next big event is a birthday, wedding, or corporate conference, we can make your special day run smoothly and professionally. We will work with you to ensure that your dance and dinner event is a success.


Product launches events

A product launch is an opportunity for a company to demonstrate and sell a new product in front of a targeted audience. It’s the perfect opportunity for companies that have developed brand-new products.

You must carry this out to the fullest. Then, the audience can know about your product so they are interested in using it.

In the end, the revenue target can be achieved. Therefore, those of you who are around Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia can use 24 OwlsGroup services, to facilitate the successful launch of your product.

24 OwlsGroup product launches event services:


Soft Launching product event

Soft Launching is the launch of products in the form of the main features and unique value proposition. Your goal should be to make potential customers interested in the products you offer. After launching, your products will have more features added.


Hard Launching product event

The first step to building a successful product is making sure that you have a good understanding of what it is you want to build. This means that you need to have an idea of your product, the purpose of your product and why you are building it. A lot of times, people will go straight into building their product without thinking about these things. They’ll just get excited about the idea of building something and start creating a prototype and then building up the product.

A complete product launch is what Hard Launching is. Suppose you are building an application. Features A, B, C, D, E, F, and so on are planned to be added to the application by the end of 2022, When you want to do a hard launch, you wait for the features to be developed. A product is launched to the public after that. There is no problem if there is an app update in the future. The complete product launch when the deadline arrives is the main point of Hard Launching.



With our professional event management team, we will guide you through the smooth process including giving you suggestions for the best product launch based on your needs and wants.

What will you get from hiring 24OwlsGroup for your product launch event?

  • Successfully held the event
  • Successfully increase your brand awareness
  • Boost sales and turnover
  • Create momentum for your product launch
  • Give the best product branding aligned with your product’s visions and missions.
  • Free hassle on your part
  • Best decoration that portrays your product values
  • Use every marketing tools that will help you boost every aspect of your product
  • Many products launch service packages.

For more info about our product launch event service, contact us here.

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