How to Be An Innovative Event Planner In Singapore?

If you have the ability to be organized, flexible, and get along with people from all backgrounds, event planning could be for you. Becoming an event planner gives you a better view of the industry you’re planning. But being an innovative event planner is way harder in this industry in order to keep up against the others.

A life of luxury requires that you make time for your career. Planning a party is only part of the work you have to do before an event. Planing an event is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. However, this job is rewarding for a group of people who work hard.  

It is possible to invent, innovate and inspire. It is a quality that every person possesses and yet many of us find it difficult to access our creative minds. The 13 best things event organizers can do to be more innovative and creative are listed.

What do event planners actually do?

All aspects of an event can be managed by a planner or organizer. You help organize meetings and organize events. It is possible to work as an event organizer. Whether you plan, organize, or specialize in certain types of events, such as weddings, galas, or corporate events. Depending on the company you work for and the client and event you’re attending, your responsibilities may vary.

But the most common responsibilities of an event planner are:

Clients meeting

Whether planning a wedding or event, it is important to gather as much information as possible about the client before planning the event. There will be many times when the two of them will meet to review the progress and decide whether to continue. Meetings are usually flexible. You can have a virtual meeting or chat over coffee.

Liaising with the venue and vendors

When you’re working with an event planner, they need to do all their planning, especially in regard to vendor and venue selection. Event planners will visit venues or try out vendors’ products to decide whether the offerings fit their client’s plans.

Planning and managing event budget

The key to effective planning is making sure to get enough people involved. Event planners can source and work with vendors to ensure they can provide products and services for the event within the client’s budget. Event planners may also visit venues or try out vendors’ products to see whether they fit the event they have in mind.

Doing event checks

Don’t forget to involve as many people as possible in the planning. They should have an active role in it. An event planner can source and work with vendors to provide products and services within the client’s budget. Event planners should visit venues and vendors to see if they fit the event they want.

Coordinate the events

An event planner can be at the event to make sure that everything runs smoothly. They make sure that contractors and musicians are on time. They follow up on any requests from their clients and take feedback into account.

To make yourself different compared to the other event planners, you have to be innovative. To help you become one. Here are some of the ways:

Wake up earlier to have more time to be creative

It’s time to get up earlier than usual. Start off your day feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. If you wake up early, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare yourself for your day and focus on how you’re feeling.

Many successful people such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, billionaire Richard Branson, and Apple CEO Tim Cook make it a habit to wake up early. If you want to have a successful day, it’s important to get up early. It means you’ll have more time to think and plan your next events to be more creative.

You should have morning routines

Getting an early start helps you reach peak productivity and creative potential. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but the earlier you get up, the more productive you are throughout your day.

Many people make it a habit to wake up early. Some examples of this are Jack Dorsey and Tim Cook. The extra time you give yourself in the morning allows you to complete things like writing in a journal, meditating, or exercising – all of which help set your day up for success.

Do an event-time schedule

Time-people schedule their days according to what’s happening at the time, whereas event-time people schedule their days by activities. The difference between event time and clock time is important. When scheduling something with someone, think about which type of schedule you should use and why you should use it.

The best time for events is when you can get the most done in a relaxed and creative manner. This time is ideal for the majority of people who find that event time is conducive to feelings of well-being and creativity.

Always try out new ideas 

We should brainstorm new ideas, but we should also think of those ideas as rough drafts. You may be surprised at how much one of your ideas evolves over a short conversation.

Jack Dorsey had a brainstorming session with the founder of the podcasting company Odeo and came up with the idea of using text messages to communicate with a small group of people. Twitter was founded after brainstorming. A few months later they were ready to begin operations.

When a friend comes up with a new idea, try to add or refine it rather than searching for reasons why it won’t work. You will have to come up with innovative ideas. 

Don’t stay in the comfort zone

It’s important to feel comfortable at work, both physically and emotionally, but being comfortable for too long isn’t good for creative thinking. Making your work more interesting is as simple as giving mundane office tasks a makeover.

We recommend writing bizarre emails. This will help make your business stand out in the crowd and create more opportunities for business growth.

“Instead of writing a first sentence of the ‘Last month, we hit our quarterly numbers’ variety, start with something peculiar: ‘Last month, employees found a baby elephant in the lunchroom.”

Creative ideas can be helped by this exercise, as it helps your brain make unusual connections.

Take some fresh air when you’re stuck

Being in nature is good for the brain and can help people be more creative. Scientists at Northwestern University found that people are more creative after a short walk. You don’t have to walk five miles around a track to experience a boost in your creative abilities.

People who walked indoors were just as inventive as those who walked outside. When you hit a creative block, taking a walk is an effective way to find inspiration. Walking meetings can spark creativity in a team. They help you and your team gets some exercise, as well as bring the juices flowing.

Take some days off

Don’t stay in your work environment all the time. This can make you feel more emotionally attached to your work. You’re more creative when you think about things that are distant from work.

Creative people are more open to experience than people who are not. While creativity is important for everyone, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or time. It means you should put yourself into new situations and try new things.

Why do you need an innovative event management plan for your events?

Your out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas create an exciting new experience for your guests, which will make them eagerly look forward to the next event in the calendar.

Your passion and creativity will inspire you and others around you to bring out the best in everything you do. You will be the person who has an opinion on how things should be done and who is prepared to share it with everyone involved in the project. You will be a visionary leader who believes in innovation and change. You will lead your team by example and inspire them to follow your lead. You are not afraid of being a pioneer. You will embrace the challenge and learn new skills and knowledge along the way.

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