Best Venues For Company Anniversary In Singapore

Having an annual dinner and dance or events for your company anniversary event can be very exciting. There are lots of different options for creating a fun and memorable event, so it’s important to make the right choices for your particular situation.

24 Owls is here to help. With the variety of different company dinners and dance venues listed, you can find the ideal venue for this event tradition. There are lots of places to hold a great company event: from fancy dining spots and lively bars to inviting restaurants serving delicious food.

When planning an event, the venue is often the most important component. So, where exactly are the best event venues in Singapore that would fit your needs? With this list of the 7  best event venues in Singapore, you’ll be able to find the best ones fit your budget!

What to consider before choosing the company’s dinner and dance venue?

Depending on what type of event you’re planning, a Singapore event venue can have a lot of options. Some considerations to bear in mind when selecting the right venue for your upcoming corporate function can be found in this guide.

Type of your event

How would you like your function to be organized? Do you mean this is a seminar, workshop, training session, or networking event? Regardless of what type of party you’re throwing, there are always unique venue options available to suit your needs.

Examples include: team-based training sessions would take place in a function room with cluster or classroom-shaped seating, whereas a formal cocktail networking event would take place in an event space that provides cocktail tables and enough room for attendees to move about.


Your venue should ideally be accessible by a variety of modes of transport – train, bus, and car. It is important to have them located in a centralized location, such as the downtown core or central business district.

Desired ambience

Laid back, family-oriented, or classy? Restaurants, bars, and cafes provide a more casual and laid-back atmosphere for informal gatherings, while formal event venues offer a more professional and distinguished feel, which is usually preferable for important events such as conferences and board meetings.

Group size

Asking for a larger meeting room isn’t always as easy as you might expect. A larger group with at least 60 attendees or more will require a larger venue, and the venue that you choose may determine if you’re able to make your event a success.

Venues have varying room capacities, so it’s important that you double-check before you reserve a space. Some venues will readily indicate their maximum room capacity on their respective websites.


If you’re planning to host an event, chances are you’ll need catering for your guests. You’ll need to make sure that you provide enough food, which can range from appetizers to main courses, as well as beverages. You’ll also need to consider the type of catering you need, such as lunches and tea breaks.

You can take advantage of the different packages offered by various restaurants for lunch or dinner. Many restaurants offer buffet services, where they serve a variety of food from the buffet spread. Advanced notice of 3 to 5 days is usually required for catering for larger groups.

IT and audio-visual (AV) facilities

Will you be screening videos, showing PowerPoint slides, or video-conferencing with an overseas party? If you want to be sure everything runs smoothly on the event day, your venue should offer IT and audiovisual support. No need to worry about forgetting to bring your cable.

Event planning and other value-added services

You should take this into account as the type of venue you choose will determine how many other services you’ll need to pay for and which kind of room you get. An event planner is a resource for your event and should be able to offer assistance with logistics, such as catering requirements, specific catering requirements, furnishing, and more.


Here are 7 of the best venues you can choose for your company’s dinner and dance event in Singapore:

HyperSpace Studio

If you’re looking to hold small to medium-sized events, Hyperspace Studio is your best bet. The venue of this event is perfect for meditation. It’s very relaxing. 

Watch your favorite movie on the projector, in an environment that’s conducive to relaxation, and with a bean bag on which to snooze. If you held a dinner and dance gala, you can play some videos to make the atmosphere more intimate.

The board games provided will definitely make for an entertaining game night for your family. This question has been asked before and already has an answer.

Address 91A Lavender Street, Singapore 338719
Capacity Up to 30pax
Price Starting from $199 for 4 hours


Zouk Singapore venue

There’s a new hotspot for your events and more than a place for dancing. Zouk is a versatile event venue in Singapore. It hosts events such as fashion shows, expos, workshops, product launches, and music.

The space is large enough to hold a full wedding or corporate meeting. For example, Zouk is a venue that caters to many different types of people. You can choose to book one of the 3 different subsections or book the whole venue as needed.

Address 3C River Valley Road Clarke Quay, #01-05 to #02-06, The Cannery, 179022
Capacity Up to 1,500pax
Price Starting from $500/h

The Sampan Singapore

The space is perfect for a small meeting. It is suitable for a casual corporate event. Networking lunches or product launches can be held at the venue. e-mail them to book one of the best event venues in Singapore at t: +65 6336 0760

Address 63 Boat Quay, The Sampan, Singapore 049851
Capacity Up to 50pax
Price Starting from $4,000 for 4 hours

The Alternate Space Singapore

Make a reservation at Alternate Space for a venue with a fun retro look that features neon lights and bar stools. This venue is good for casual events and birthday parties. There are lots of amenities at this hotel including a pool table, darts, and a karaoke machine.

The venue features a unique stage that’s perfect for a speech, performance, and more. The best event venues are the ones that will get you excited about the event.

Address 535 Serangoon Road, #02-01, Singapore 218165
Capacity Up to 100pax
Price Starting from $600 for 4 hours

Royal Albatross

Do you have a large budget for your event? Because this event venue is one of the higher-tier venues out there. 

Address 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269
Capacity Up to 180pax
Price Starting from $4,000 for 2 hours

Royal Greenhouse Garden

When you’re planning a wedding at Royal Greenhouse Garden you can fit your needs. Get everyone together for a party you’ll never forget. This large event venues Singapore can also be your corporate dinner and dance gala.

Address 82 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 698985
Capacity Up to 420pax
Price Starting from $1,000/h

Xperience Restaurant

Are you hosting a private event space Singapore? Try out the Xperience Restaurant, an open-kitchen concept restaurant that can amaze your very own guest for your dinner and dance venue Singapore. The best dining experience you can have is at the Xperience. It’s a grand and luxurious experience. You’ll enjoy it.

Address 35 Robinson Road, Singapore 068876
Capacity Up to 100pax
Price Write in for Quotation


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