Learn These 7 Digital Marketing Case Strategies For Business Growth

Case studies are an excellent way to learn from other’s mistakes and successes. It explains how digital marketers actively react to get results in unique situations. 

A business case study provides deep insights into the unique challenges faced by digital marketers, the steps they took to overcome those challenges, and the end-results obtained. As you go through the case studies, you’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes. You’ll then have less trouble knowing which case studies are helpful to you and which ones should be ignored. Mistakes are inevitable, but you can reduce the likelihood of making those mistakes by learning how to avoid them. Here are some best practices to apply.

We have covered a wide range of case studies on different aspects of digital marketing in this article. It is time to take a look.

Marvel Origins digital marketing case

It wasn’t until 1961 that the Marvel era arrived. The Fantastic Four and other superhero titles captured the imagination of the average person. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and many more are just some of the characters in the comic book universe.

Digital marketing strategy framework

The campaign for Movoto Real Estate focused on showing the background of famous Marvel comic characters. The Map Infographic connected the popular characters to their native lands and birthplaces.


9000 shares were the result of the campaign. The main focus of the stories was on the famous comic characters and teams. The creative graphics appealed to the comic book fans while also showing the client’s business. These placements make you a success, too.

Average Faces digital marketing case

Average Faces of Drug Abuse used graphics to warn of the dangers of drug abuse. Drug and alcohol-related arrests are featured in more than 100 mug shots. A picture series showed the effects of drugs and alcohol. The information and facts in the photos were eye-openers.

Digital marketing strategy framework

The campaign relied on visual communication to convey its message. Strong graphics depicted emotionally stirring visual content marketing with educational tidbits to draw the reader’s attention.


The campaign gained traction for the client seeking authority. Hotshot publishers were eager to contribute to the theme. 9000 shares and 250 story features helped corner the brand’s desired exposure.

Buzzstream digital marketing case

BuzzStream is a leading authority in the SEO space and wants to grow even bigger by adding new features and products. Its USP is attending to an ever-increasing content volume as more and more companies join the content marketing bandwagon. Thousands of marketers have discovered that by tapping into BuzzStream’s expertise they can build influencer relationships, drive traffic, and improve their visibility and search performance.

Digital marketing strategy framework

We positioned BuzzStream as a niche thought leader. It was decided that the first step in creating an effective campaign would involve increasing search engine visibility.


BuzzStream capitalized on the campaign’s success with 320 featured stories to achieve industry authority. The campaign generated nearly 6,600 shares, and the online content improved conversions on their website by up to 1,000%.

Salesforce digital marketing case

Salesforce is a software company that specializes in CRM and applications that focus on marketing automation, customer service, analytics, and application development. On top of all this, the company also has a great line of products like live-streaming cameras, drones, lights, and props. Salesforce also produces extensively researched reports about industries, such as Salesforce does.

Digital marketing strategy framework

Salesforce’s marketing campaign theme aims to make sure the highest number of people see the ad. The company is constantly looking for new ways to engage with its customers and get noticed.

You must be aware that Salesforce is an authoritative data source. This is important for your LinkedIn profile and reports. You should be more engaged with people who use your data. That’s why the company is in a better position than its competitors with the power to convert.


In recent years, Salesforce has had impressive success, as indicated by the significant spikes in LinkedIn engagement and report downloads. The company has cemented its position above its competitors by gaining more customers, which gave them more power to convert.

SAP digital marketing case

The software company is based in Germany and focuses on enterprise software. It has customers spread over 190 countries. They intended industry-specific content to reach their international clients.

Digital marketing strategy framework

A digital transformation can help you rise above the noisy marketplace and reach out to people with valuable content. The challenge was to make the campaign successful, by making sure it didn’t become a gigantic fiasco.

By using the keywords in the title, meta-description, and throughout the body of the article, the content of a post was improved by over 20% within 10 minutes. This campaign was a huge success because it generated many white papers, videos, infographics, blogs, surveys, and emails.


Along with developing digital hubs, the complement of business-specific content reached 19 industries. White papers, videos, Infographics, surveys, and email promotions were some of the things that had an impact on the campaign.

Walmart digital marketing case

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and one of the world’s most trusted companies. Companies must expand into major cities and retail stores worldwide to succeed. By far, the largest retailer in the United States, Walmart is currently the top-selling retailer in the world. Walmart has an impressive customer base.

Digital marketing strategy framework

Walmart is the world’s largest retail company, having been established in 1962. It aims to provide customers with consistently low prices and friendly customer service. One of the most important goals for a company is to expand its business worldwide, especially in large cities and retail stores. 

To achieve this target, one of your main targets is to expand into major cities and retail stores around the world. As of today, over 100 million customers visit Walmart stores.


Thus, Walmart sold products directly to customers and services to other businesses. In addition, Walmart has 28 acquisitions, including Flipkart in India. It also offers to tap the vast potential of the Indian market and turn the country into a much larger competitor in the global e-commerce industry.

Microsoft digital marketing case

Microsoft is a company with a focus on providing technology for business. Its main products include software for computers, and for cloud computing. Although Apple has been leading in operating systems since its launch in 1975, it hasn’t always been the dominant player, especially when compared with Microsoft Windows.

You’ll find their new slogan, “Your potential our passion,” to be an effective way to express your values.

Digital marketing strategy framework

The Microsoft marketing strategy is built around the STP model. You don’t have to buy from Amazon if you don’t want to. You can opt-out at any time. According to this article, Microsoft promotes its products in the digital world by building and using a strong social media presence.


In order to successfully target the urban population, Microsoft has launched a number of initiatives. And it is here that the company finds a vast captive audience.

As a result, they have over three million followers and more than 14 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, respectively. Additionally, the social media algorithms will keep posting pictures and videos to increase the reach and consequent new followers.

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