5 Innovative And Amusing Corporate Event Ideas For Your Company

You’re running a business right now and need some ideas for the next corporate events you are planning for your clients.

A corporate event can be a wonderful way to strengthen the bonds between you and your clients, customers, etc. It gives them a chance to socialize with each other and meet new people. And it’s a great way to motivate your employees to work harder and do their best.

But it can also be a terrible waste of money if you don’t plan it properly.

The thing is, planning a corporate event takes a lot of time and effort. And sometimes you might not be the best person for the job.

So in this article, I’m going to give you 5 creative and innovative ideas for corporate events that you can implement for your company. These will allow you to make a meaningful and memorable contribution to your clients, customers, employees, etc.

If you are looking to come up with some corporate event ideas of your own, then read on…

A Creamy Employee Appreciation Day

The day set aside to recognize employees shouldn’t be the only one in a year. By organizing special events all year long, you can demonstrate to your staff how important they are to the business. 

Ice Cream Bar – Easy and fun, an ice cream social gets staff off of their desks and into a gathering space where they may mingle with one another. 

Establish ice cream stands. Offer a wide selection of ice cream flavors and enjoyable delights like popsicles, ice cream bars, and other frozen foods. Include a toppings station with cookie crumbs, sprinkles, and flavor syrups.

Create a workable alternative, such as a cupcake station with a variety of topping options, for customers or workers who are intolerant to dairy. 

Valentine’s Day is the ideal day for coworkers to congratulate one another on the Day of Thanks. Let them exchange compliments between each other instead of love bombs. Send the messages using cupid’s helpers. A special luncheon will bring the day to a close.

Scanvenger Hunt Using Virtual Reality

A lot of fun is always had on scavenger hunts. It gives the participants a chance to showcase their sleuthing abilities whether it’s online or in person. 

The unique aspect of virtual events is that participation doesn’t require the employee to leave their desk. You can also play a game with your staff in one room to give them an edge in competition. 

Giving employees access to an avatar-creation program for a virtual scavenger hunt is a great corporate event concept. Next, give a list of hints on well-known locations. After finding the location, the employee downloads a digital copy of the picture and attaches their avatar. 

As soon as players finish the hunt, give them prizes. To the winners of the first, second, and third place

Karaoke Lunch Battle

karaoke, someone said it! Karaoke is one of those enjoyable activities that anybody can partake in, regardless of vocal ability. Being courageous enough to get up and attempt is half the joy. 

Want to go above and beyond? The answer lies in bandeoke! Bring in a live band to give the proceedings some extra oomph and live backup recordings. 

The best singer in the company can compete for bragging rights, or you can offer prizes. the following categories:

  • Excellent and Subpar Performance
    Best Duo
  • Audience Favorite 
  • Most Difficult Song Selection 
  • More imaginative categories can be created. Think about introducing departmental singing contests as well. 

Food is a surefire way to entice workers away from their desks. For a true club atmosphere, create a special menu and include some signature non-alcoholic versions of classic cocktails.

Escape Rooms

For business events, escape rooms are becoming more and more popular. There was a period when participation required traveling to an off-site venue. When there wasn’t enough room, businesses rented out every room to boost attendance. 

Now that escape rooms are portable, businesses may hold events on their campuses. Participation is increased, and the rooms are open all day. 

The escape room supplier will collaborate with your business to manage the events. They can also offer different room design ideas. 

Give teams points for participation, team cohesion, and the quickest escape to make your event competitive. At the conclusion, provide prizes to the top teams.

Dragen’s Den / Shark Tank

Every company’s talent pool contains undiscovered gems. Members of the team who have creative ideas for the company’s improvement but have no good means of expression. 

All of that changes with a Dragen’s Den theme! Give your team the opportunity to reinvent the well-known TV program. The idea behind the program lets business owners present their plans to well-known investors. 

Employees make improvements to the workplace propose ideas at the corporate version of this event. When they deal with senior management and top executives, the pressure is on. The purpose of the event is to reduce barriers between management and their teams while also having fun. 

Executives won’t act like they’re in a corporate environment, so don’t be concerned. Along the way, they’ll give participants positive feedback, have fun, and give out prizes.

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