Corporate Party Ideas To Build Professional Connection

Is it difficult to strike up conversations at a party? Do you have trouble making new connections with the people you meet? Do you often feel that you have no idea what to talk about?

When you go to a social gathering where people are chatting about all sorts of things that interest you, you often find yourself having to make your way through a sea of people in order to find someone who has something interesting to say to you. You end up feeling bored and anxious, wondering when someone will make their presence known and be willing to make a conversation with you.

You could spend hours and hours waiting for someone to talk to you, or you could make the first move by striking up a conversation. If you choose the latter option, however, you may find that the conversation does not go too well. After all, it’s hard to make a good first impression, especially when you haven’t seen someone in a while. And even if you manage to make a good first impression, you may find that the conversation soon fizzles out. In other words, sometimes striking up a conversation seems easier than having a conversation.

In this article, I’m going to share 10 easy and fun ideas to help you build professional connections with the guests at your next corporate event planner party. These 10 tips will help you make some great new connections and have a ton of fun at the same time.

So if you want to start making new professional connections at your next corporate party, read on…

1. Add a Wow-Worthy Entranceway

Make sure your attendees feel as though they are entering a brand-new, creative area by providing a designated entranceway. Include a magnificent focal piece that also serves as a swag or check-in station, or incorporate your logo or company colors into your design. 

Everyone today uses their phones to take pictures, so offer them something amazing to record, Clayton of Patrick J Clayton Productions advises us. 

Pro Tip: To document each visitor’s arrival, station a corporate photographer at the end of your entrance. Make sure you offer a hashtag to promote photo sharing on social media.

2. Go with a Party Theme

Your corporate event should be planned around a corporate party theme. Themes are a creative approach to bring various parts of your event together while also entertaining attendees. For a smooth event that will look good in pictures, make sure that everything from the décor and flower arrangements to the meals and entertainment reflects the theme you have chosen. 

Pro Tip: Need assistance choosing a theme? Find more interesting themes that your guests will enjoy using PartySlate’s The Best Party Themes.

3. Reflect Your Brand With Elevated Décor

The idea of decor for a business party? Let us explain. Setting the mood for your occasion is décor. “Whether simple or complicated, each corporate event is made less boring by design and décor: from large bursts of color, to innovative use of the logo (think: making it out of flowers), and all the table details in between,” says Clayton of Patrick J Clayton Productions. 

To decide on the ultimate appearance and feel of your party, consult with the corporate design and flower teams. Clayton explains that even a single little design from the logo multiplied hundreds of times in a solid color “makes a great effect” and is yet subtly branded.

4. Engage Guests With Interactive Activities

Most attendees learn best by doing. The same holds true for establishing connections. People get together through interactive activities. It’s a fantastic method for newer or more reserved guests to connect while enabling long-time friends or coworkers to uphold solid friendships. Additionally, it’s a method to engage customers with your business by giving guests an enjoyable experience. 

Our favorite business party concepts also serve as charitable endeavors. Pick pursuits that lead to a worthwhile contribution or volunteer opportunity. We appreciate how the PartySlate staff worked with Flowers for Dreams to donate beautiful floral arrangements to Ronald McDonald House.

Pro Tip: Think about adding a fun activity to lectures or meetings to get people out of their seats. Make sure there is some friendly competition in the activity to boost participation.

5. Save Time for Team Building

When planning an employee gathering, think about team-building exercises. The objectives of your business are more likely to be accomplished by staff members who can collaborate and solve problems. Set aside time for a team-building activity that is enjoyable and engrossing and depends on cooperation and communication. 

Pro Tip: Always keep safety in mind, and ask a qualified professional to lead any team-building exercises that call for physical participation. Make careful to accommodate every employee, and think about providing your team with a variety of activities.

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