24 Owls Group: Your Guide to Choosing The Perfect Corporate Event Planner

Any business that wants to grow its customers, which is important for your company’s success, needs to know how to plan successful events. Corporate events are a great way to know your clients and partners better and create lasting relationships.

Myke Nahorniak, co-founder and CEO of Localist, said, “Social media is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers, but it cannot replace the meaningful relationships formed in person at a corporate party.

It is important to understand the basic elements of event management, such as research, design, planning, coordination and evaluation, if you host a product launch for 300 people or a company-wide employee training for 15. A seasoned corporate event planner can help plan your next event. From business meetings to corporate events, 24Owls has the experience and knowledge to ensure your success. We have helped corporations to build strong relationships with their employees around the globe.

Event planning service for corporate event management provided by 24 Owls

What will 24 Owls handle in your corporate events? Here are 24 Owls corporate event planner job description:

  • A full understanding of logistics
  • Entertainment
  • Audio-visual
  • Fabrication
  • Catering
  • Presentations
  • Breakout sessions
  • Social engagement
  • The marketing leading up to and following your event is required to organize a successful corporate event

If you want to throw a party or corporate event at your office or other location, we will handle all the logistical details to ensure it runs smoothly from start to finish.

Our corporate event planner jobs include the execution of the program topics designed to appeal to your audience and the development of schedules for your staff. The Corporate event planners are very knowledgeable about venue selection. Event marketing is right in our wheelhouse, from creating event websites to creating programs, including speakers, agendas, social media, venue, and registration.

10 Types of corporate event organisers Singapore provided by 24 Owls Singapore

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In this section, we look at the top 10 corporate event types provided by 24 Owls to help you understand how to create unforgettable experiences for attendees.

Corporate holiday party

Festive celebrations can’t take place without creative entertainment activities. Ensure your staff holiday party is fun and relaxing for everyone.

Choose a theme that suits the occasion and create games to entertain your guests. It’s a good idea to make sure all the games are age-appropriate. You will need to plan and organize the event properly. Make sure that all the games are age-appropriate so that no one gets hurt.

Corporate product launch events

It’s best if your focus is to gain media exposure. Startups are always popping up worldwide, so investment in product launch events keeps increasing every year. You need a well-thought-out marketing strategy to ensure your business always works at full capacity.

Corporate dinner and dance events

Have a perfect understanding of your team members’ interests and preferences.

Business leaders have to maintain a friendly, positive atmosphere within their companies. Any time there is a reason to celebrate a special achievement or a milestone, organizing business dinners is a great way to show respect.

Corporate conference events

Thorough planning and a focus on technology investment are needed to gather targeted audiences in one place to share ideas, implement solutions or improve collective expertise Each year, the world’s largest FinTech conference hosts 25,000 industry experts. Conferences that are geared towards specific interests are the must-go-to events for ambitious professionals.

Corporate charity events

Get good use of the company’s network. You don’t need to start a charity organisation with the intention of fundraising for a good cause. An efficient charity event will happen if it is well planned, promoted and built upon a centralised platform.

Corporate team-building events

The events should be tailored to the interests of the employees. Before planning a team-building event, it is a good idea to survey your staff. Business managers can build stronger teams with events based on employees’ needs.

For example, a fun event based on an employee’s hobbies or the company’s values would be more effective than a boring event. Business-to-business (B-to-B) events B-to-B team-building events are especially important for businesses that sell to other companies. For example, sales people often need to work together in a sales call, so they will appreciate working on a fun team-building exercise. Business-to-business events usually focus on solving problems, improving teamwork, and learning new skills.

Corporate board meetings

If you run your meetings according to the company’s infrastructure and values, you’ll be able to adapt them more easily. You don’t need to wait until your board meeting to create an effective board meeting agenda.

To make an event run smoothly, it needs to meet everyone’s work schedule and let participants debate or discuss. It also needs to facilitate the right conditions for this.

Corporate incentive trips

In order to succeed in negotiations, you need to be good at organizing events overseas. Offering great perks and experiences for staff, incentive trips are often held at luxury resorts and provide memorable memories for everyone.

A successful event professional can organize an incentive trip for your organization in only a few days. To get the most out of the experience, look for reliable vendors in the destination country.

Corporate trade events

It’s important that your booth is unique, creative, and fun. Look for strategic lighting, multi-screen displays, and attractive promotional offers. Make connections at a trade show and boost your revenues. There are a lot of opportunities to get in front of potential customers. It is a great time to get in touch with a diverse group.

This is a good opportunity for startups and established businesses to share their ideas and gain more exposure through these crowdsourced campaigns.

Why should you choose 24 Owls for your corporate event management?

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It may be hard for you to decide whether or not to hire a company anniversary planner. That wouldn’t be the case with 24 Owls, who will provide you with the following:

Reasonably Priced Service

This is what matters the most. As effective corporate event planners, we always stay within our client’s budgets and provide the best possible solution.

A Broad Network Connection

We have a vast network of connections which ensure we always have a star-studded guest list for any business events we hold. Clients benefit from this.

Tailored with Personalization

We’re perfect for companies who need to plan customized events and activities. We’ll tailor your events to your exact needs.

Customers don’t want events to be the same each year, but your employees and suppliers demand more from your events, and they want to see something fresh and different.

On-Time Delivery

Meeting deadlines is something we like to do. Every effort is made to meet deadlines.

Held your corporate events successfully with 24 Owls

You could hire an event planner to help you plan a successful grand opening ceremony. Sit back and let 24OwlsGroup do all the work for you!

24owlsGroup has five years of highly successful event experience and experienced and dedicated staff that consistently maintains the highest performance standards, making each occasion a memorable and unique experience.

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