Your Ultimate Guide To Meeting Planner Management Singapore

In theory, everyone understands that preparation can make or break an important meeting. The more effort you put in before you walk into a room, the more effective you’ll be and the more productive your time will be.

The best meal you’ll ever make is the one you prepare when time is not on your side. It takes about 20 minutes, but you’ll get rave reviews for weeks afterwards. This ultimate meeting planner guide will make your meeting prep easy and fast. With these steps, you’ll ensure that you’ve covered every base and won’t waste anyone’s time, including your own.

What is a corporate meeting planner?

As a corporate meeting planner, you must plan corporate events and meetings to ensure their success. Learn more about the job, career path, salary prospects, and how to prepare for a career in business.

What does a meeting planner do?

A corporate meeting planner is responsible for organizing corporate meetings and events. His job is to make sure the meeting or event runs smoothly so it can meet its purposes. Most often you’ll be in charge of planning the event location, arranging transportation for out-of-town guests, and paying for accommodations and food for guests.

When deciding on a meeting venue, location is very important. It needs to fit the participants’ requirements, including space, amenities and convenience. Depending on where your meeting is taking place, you might want to choose a hotel near the airport, a convention center, or the company’s headquarters. You’ll have to call and inquire about available dates, costs and venue availability. And all of these activities are what you will do as a meeting planner.

You could be called on to prepare the meeting room or other resources for the meeting, which can include anything from name tags to audio-visual equipment. If you’re an ecommerce retailer, you should definitely set up equipment to support online sales, whether it’s a computer, a monitor, a network, or a table. You could also assist with event registration or coordinate food and beverage catering.

The 7 steps to plan your next meeting

The Seven Step Meeting Process is a method for meeting efficiency. The meeting process has an agenda:

  1. Clarify Aim/Purpose
  2. Assign Roles
  3. Review Agenda
  4. Work through Agenda
  5. Review meeting record
  6. Plan Next Steps and Next Agenda
  7. Evaluate

Meeting planner checklist

Do an international meeting planner with world clock meeting planner

The World Clock Meeting Planner helps you schedule an international meeting planner. It’s useful to organize a meeting with people from all over the world. The Time Zone Converter is used to convert a time into another time zone to help you manage worldwide meeting planner. The Time Zone Converter is perfect for people who travel between different time zones, whether they are flying from one continent to another or working between offices in different cities.

Plan your worldwide meeting in SG and MY with 24 Owls

Every meeting benefits from effective facilitation, from five-minute, one-on-one informal discussions to five-day, 250 person workshops, as a collaboration consultant at 24Owls. The basic ingredients you need to manage for a successful meeting are the same: purpose, people, and process, according to our experience facilitating 250 meetings on six continents.

Why you should choose 24 Owls as your meeting planner?

  • We are aware of the types of meetings you want to have
  • We define the end point and work on it
  • Get the right people to the meeting
  • Find the right place to meet
  • We Create a perfectly timed agenda
  • We make sure the meeting don’t go over time
  • We take notes of our clients needs and wants
  • We don’t lose sight of the meeting objectives
  • Follow up after the meeting

What are 24 Owls duties as a meeting planner?

  • The purpose of the meeting or event should be understood by the clients.
  • Plan the scope of the event.
  • Solicit bids from venues and service providers
  • Ensure that the venues meet the requirements.
  • You should coordinate event services such as rooms, transportation and food.
  • Ensuring that the client and attendees are satisfied is something that can be monitored.
  • Approve the payments for the event.

Plan your business meeting successfully with 24 Owls

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