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24 Owls Group history

Located in Singapore since 2015, 24 Owls Group is an expert in event digital marketing, conceptualization, event management, event styling, and delivering events creatively and efficiently. Our philosophy as an event company is to offer a highly flexible, bespoke and consultancy-driven event management service.

The 24 Owls Group team is composed of highly experienced and skilled individuals passionate about delivering creative and unique events to our clients. We have over 7 years of experience in the industry and provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure your event is a success. We are experts in digital marketing, event management, performance media, and digital solutions. We understand how to make the most of the opportunities and resources and help our clients get maximum exposure for their brands, products, and services.

Our services

Event management company in Singapore

24 Owls Group is an experienced team of experts in their respective domains.  We have a very talented group working together to provide event management services for our clients.

24 Owls group is an innovative solutions company that creates unique, immersive experiences for trade shows, corporate event organisers, conventions, fun gatherings, carnivals, and exhibitions. 24 Owls group owns and operates all production equipment for their clients’ exhibitions. Enabling them to customize any event.

Most of the clients of 24 Owls Group are Government ministries and agencies, corporate businesses, big to small businesses, festivals, and many more. A memorable working experience is created by the team’s professional handling of events, proactive project management, quick response, and consultative approach.

24 Owls: Event meeting planner companies full service for corporate events


Our services consist of the following:

Company Anniversary Event Management

Why 24owlsGroup and Not Other Company Anniversary Planners?

24OwlsGroup is one of the best event-planning companies in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have several years of experience in planning and executing corporate events. If you’re planning your event, we can help. We’ve organized various company anniversary events for our clients, including party event company.

You’re wondering what our event planners will do for you with skilled event planning, fabulous settings, and great catering. Aside from that, you should be wondering what kind of event you want us to plan.

Grand Opening and Grand Ceremony Event Management

24owls is the grand opening & groundbreaking event organizer Singapore 2022 that offers a wide range of launch mechanisms, ideas, and customized solutions. Whether you have an established business, an excellent idea for a new product, or a passion for selling, we are here to help you take the next step.

Our goal is to provide the perfect experience to each customer, whether it’s a birthday party for a loved one, a corporate event, a wedding, or another celebration. We work with each client to ensure their event goes off without a hitch! Let us take care of your guests, staff, and venue – we include all transport, catering, and entertainment. We work with you to ensure that your event is a success.

24owlsGroup is a leading event planning organizer in Singapore with many years of experience planning various events. Since 24owlsGroup was first founded, they have become one of the leading event planners in Singapore. We’re dedicated to providing outstanding service and value to our clients.

Carnival Event Planner

We ensure a fun-filled and memorable carnival event experience! By providing a one-stop solution for your carnival rental needs in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here’s what we do

  • Consultation on concept and suitable activities and equipment
  • Time-line planning of event and stage programs
  • Carnival Equipment Rental
  • Event Coordinating
  • Talents Management
  • Manpower

Let us know if you’d like to help organize your carnival event. We can provide you with a consultation and give you suggestions based on your needs.

Contact us for a free consultation with our professional carnival event planner in Singapore today!

Dinner and Dance Event Planner

What Will You Get When Hire TwentyFourOwls For Your Gala Dinner and Dance Event?

  • Venue: locating, renting, and adding floral and themed decorations.
  • Talent includes jugglers, stilt walkers, balloon sculptors, DJs, emcees, models and brand ambassadors, fortune tellers, dancers, and more.
  • Indoor stage pyrotechnics, modest fireworks, a laser display, etc. are available as entertainment.
  • AV system, surround-sound speakers, commercial strobe lights, a bubble machine, furniture and tent rental, snow and fog machines, CO2 and LED disco balls, and special effects like confetti and streamers are included in the logistics.
  • Manpower: ushers, servers, bartenders, stewards, valet service, security, etc.
  • Food: alcoholic dessert, frozen yogurt softserve, assorted sweet and savory canapés, etc.
  • Beverage: Choices of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages by professional food handlers who are NEA certified +
  • Bartenders, mixologists, and hosts to assist with the event’s hosting. Use only high-quality foods, fresh fruits, and premium booze as garnishes.
  • All upscale barware and specialist tools are offered.

We are with you every step of the way, from strategic planning to pre- event setup. Gala Dinners and Dance events can be found in Singapore and Malaysia. If you want to stop looking, contact us now.

Product Launches Event

It is not easy to create a Product Launches Planner. It will be more effective if you and your team focus on product development instead of taking time to prepare. If you want your product to be more functional, you should improve feature development.

So, the 24owlsGroup can be the best solution for your needs. We will prepare your product’s needs and concepts for your launch event. With an inspiring speech and a cool background, your audience will be motivated to work hard and follow your advice. We have been successful at a variety of company events.

Because, we know the powerful tricks in attracting the hearts of the general public. This makes us tempted to believe in your product. We will make the audience fascinated and captivated, to believe that your product is credible and has brand awareness. And that way, there will be an encouraging closing of sales and income. For those in the Kuala Lumpur / Singapore area, manage your event with the most trusted event management planner, 24 Owls Group.

Why should you hire 24 Owls as your event management companies?

It may be hard for you to decide whether or not to hire a company anniversary planner. That wouldn’t be the case with 24 Owls Group, who will provide you with:

  • Reasonably Priced Service
  • A Broad Network Connection
  • Tailored with Personalization
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Innovative ideas
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Clear Communication

Celebrate your precious events with 24Owls Event management planners

You could always hire a top event companies in Singapore to help you plan a successful grand opening ceremony. Sit back and let 24OwlsGroup do all the work for you!

24owlsGroup has five years of highly successful event experience and experienced and dedicated staff that consistently maintains the highest standards of performance, making each occasion to be truly a memorable and unique experience.

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Don’t spend your time and money on an unsuccessful grand opening, be hassle-free and ended up with great results by working with 24Owls. Let’s work together. Contact us here.