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Media Planning & Buy

Media planning and buying have evolved over the years. Thanks to technology, it isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago. The overall aspects of marketing and its strategies have evolved, and it’s all due to the internet, and we, the 24OwlsGroup, understand it better than anyone. 

A few decades ago, there was no social media marketing, and media buying and selling were traditional yet simple. However, media planning and buying are done through various channels, including PR, blogging, communication and branding, and many more. This evolution has also changed the perspective of a media agency and how it used to work. 

However, if you are in Singapore or Malaysia, then you are lucky because 24OwlsGroup is the perfect media agency. This media agency will handle every requirement of yours, from TV & OTT to PR and digital display advertising.

Basic Steps Followed By 24OwlsGroup For Media Buying & Planning

24OwlsGroup believe that with the right media planning and buying, you can build a strong connection between businesses and customers with the right prospects. However, below are the few basic steps that are followed by 24OwlsGroup for successful media planning and buying.

  • We ensure we find our clients’ target audience through comprehensive market research.
  • We try to understand our target audience and their interests.
  • 24OwlsGroup ensure they find the right time to deliver their client’s message to the target audience.
  • We ensure we deliver the impression that gives them the motive to take action as fast as possible.

Once we are done with that, we ensure that we test and retest the placement of ads and creatives to uncover what is working for the target audience and what is not. Once we are done we the testing, we refine and improve to achieve better results through media buying.

Tactics For Media Buying And Planning That 24OwlsGroup Implies

The ultimate goal of 24OwlsGroup is to ensure that the right target audience gets the right content. Thanks to the internet, media buying couldn’t get any simpler. Here are some tactics that 24OwlsGroup use to plan and media.

  • Digital display advertising, which includes behavioral and demographic 
  • Radios and digital audio from companies like iHeart, Pandora, Spotify
  • PR, which can be found on social media like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
  • Print which includes magazines and  newspapers

Qualities In Which 24OwlsGroup Outstands

There are many qualities in which 24OwlsGroup outstands. Here we have listed some of the exceptional qualities that will help you determine why 24OwlsGroup is the company you should go with.


Media Planning That Is Innovative 

The team at 24OwlsGroup ensures that the ideas they present for media planning and buying are innovative. The ideas that we present can bring a positive impact on the target audience. Our designs are new, aesthetically pleasing and innovative, which helps our clients reach new prospects.


Creativity Is The Key

Creativity is the key for us. It is the element that defines us and our work. The creative aspects we provide can help brands in several ways. Our different teams collaborate to calculate advertising effectiveness. At the same time, our teams present our clients with rough layouts before executing the actual idea.


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