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Social media isn’t just a fun way to interact with friends from across the globe. It’s increasingly becoming an essential marketing tool in the business world. Various platforms allow companies to reach thousands or even millions of their target customers with their marketing messages at the right time and on the right device. Facebook alone has over 2.4 billion members worldwide. The bottom line is – if you’re not exploiting the business benefits of social media, you’re missing out on the chance to increase your customer base exponentially.

Targeted Your Ideal Audience for Increased Revenue

At 24owlsGroup, we’re a digital marketing agency in Singapore & Malaysia  with a team of enthusiastic social media consultants that possess the required knowledge to take your company to new heights. If you want to learn more about the benefits of our social media service, do drop us a message.

Things to Do Before Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Agency

If you are wondering what makes great digital marketing firms? Well, you have to think  that bring in the agency as a member of your team for the greatest outcomes; an agency that wants to learn as much as you do, who wants to be an equal partner and motivated steward of your business – that’s when you’ve found a fantastic partner. 

Before hiring the digital marketing agency, you should take some minutes and consider these 4 key factors first:

Their Specialization 

When it comes to “full-service” agencies, there is often a tradeoff between specialization and “fuller-service,” which means they can deliver multiple services based on client requirements. Always pay attention to certain fields they expertise and do not hesitate to ask their speciality before saying yes to them. 

Their Market strategy competence

There is a huge waste of time and resource cost of digital marketing without a proper strategy. Marketers already have a lot on their plates, and agencies should have strategists that are knowledgeable and helpful in implementing a marketing plan and completing client’s needs. 

Testimonials, Reviews, and Case Studies

The most essential thing to remember is to constantly search for proof. You should be aware that a lack of proof might be a warning sign. Even these agencies, however, should be able to produce some sort of substantial evidence. You can always find proper reviews on digital marketing agency’s blogs. 


Right after you consider the other key factors, this one is very important. Getting a well-deserved marketing agency would not happen if you have no cash for budgeting. Never buy based just on price; always consider value. Request that agencies explicitly explain the value behind their price.

Improve Your Digital Marketing with 24OwlsGroup!

24OwlsGroup, founded in 2015, provides branding, digital marketing, and event management services in Singapore and Malaysia. You have to know that every digital advertising agency has their speciality to be offered.

24owlsGroup is the top choice to provide 360 degree marketing services to business throughout the region. We are committed to serving your business growth by using digital marketing expertise and bringing your goals into action so your business may flourish. 

Improve your digital marketing platforms with 24OwlsGrup and gain more benefits! Request for non-obligation quotation.


Just like how you would pay your company’s employees Unlike a typical marketing agency, we do not charge ad-hoc costs on additional marketing activities. You will only be required to pay a monthly fixed rate just like how you would pay a normal employee, but without CPF contribution or the need to pay for our insurance. The rates are determined by the expected volume and complexity of marketing activities require us to manage on a monthly basis; a team will be formed based on the required tasks.


Manage ads on social media

Manage ads on Google

Help your website show up in Google (Search Engine Optimization or SEO)

Set up tracking to see if ads are working (Conversion Tracking)

Create special pages for ads (Landing Page Creation)

Give you reports about your ads (Campaign Report & Analysis)






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