24owlsGroup team, are extremely professional and highly effective. There are many marketing companies who approached us but failed to impress.
However, 24owls portfolio was pretty extensive and have the expertise in digital marketing. They knew the direction required for our company and emphasize on targeted clientele based on your business. They are a breeze to work with and they have the best in house designers, always delivering the quality artworks without us having to do much explanation.
They know exactly which kind of artwork is suitable for our branding and works for us. Approval for their artworks are almost always instant without having to make much amendments, minor changes even if we have to. You can always be assured with 24owls handling your digital marketing. They follow up every month with different promotions before hand and are always full of ideas.
Eden is always working on the go and provides great customer service. First class service I would say. They are highly efficient, committed and dedicated to their clients.
Our team is always satisfied and full of praises with their works for Wong Kee Wanton Noodles. In this current market, business funds and expenses should be spent wisely, they should help to resolve problems and create more branding exposures. This will allocate more time to be used wisely and efficiently to grow, focus and expand other aspects of the business.
I highly urge any companies to who are considering to engage a digital marketing team to go with 24owls. You can be assured that they deliver only the best and quality works.