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Organizing Memorable Company Anniversary in Singapore and Malaysia

Planning for some company anniversary event in Singapore or Malaysia? Then, you’ve arrived at the right place! Welcome to 24owlsGroup (twentyfourowls), where organising events made fun and easy! Yes, planning a company anniversary can be one of the most exciting experiences with your co-workers. However, planning a company anniversary can also be a very challenging and stressful experience if you don’t know what to expect.


At 24owlsGroup, we do understand how overwhelming it can be to plan and gather company anniversary celebration ideas. Our experts can help you find the perfect venue, the best caterers, delicious drinks and most importantly, the right ambience for your event. Our team will design a party for you that will help you and your company to relax and socialize with grace. With years of experience in planning and running such celebrations, TwentyFourOwls will make sure you have a memorable and unforgettable party.


Who are We and How Do We Help Your Company Anniversary?

24owlsGroup is one of the best event planning companies in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. One of our specializations is company anniversary events. We have organized a variety of company anniversary events for our clients. Our event planners are here to make your company anniversary a day to remember, with skilled event design, fantastic settings, and great cateringThat aside, you must be wondering about what we’ll actually do to help you throw an amazing company anniversary party. A company anniversary planner can play a variety of responsibilities before and during the event, as for TwentyFourOwls, we will:

Enhance your existing ideas

Although your company has a brief beforehand, our creative team and corporate planner frequently will make it into a clear concept. We make it a reality and make it a living depiction of the event’s original goal.

Liaise with external parties

To ensure the success of an event, we frequently need to coordinate with a variety of vendors and providers. All of these details are taken care of by our corporate event planner, who also makes sure your event runs without a hitch on the big day.

Coordinates Event Information

The entire event depends on careful preparation and timely execution of every little detail. A skilled event planner manages it all with ease. We investigate every facet of the incident. 


Schedules and monitors activities

There are several events scheduled on the day of the event as well. Frequently, the team and the corporate planner are responsible for making sure all of these operations go smoothly.

Things to Consider Before Hiring A Company Anniversary Celebration Planner

Yes, it may seem like the easiest choice for throwing a celebration, particularly a company anniversary. Especially, if you do not have any prior experience nor do you have any idea of what to do, what to prepare, etc.

But, do you know that hiring some unknown company anniversary planners could backfire all of your plans? Here are the things that commonly happen:

  • Lots of Miscommunication

If the communication lines with the corporate planner are not clear, a lot of misunderstandings might occur. This might be harmful to the event.

  • Delayed Delivery

If the planner fails to see the significance of a deadline, it can cause a lot of disruption and unneeded delay. In the case of anniversary parties, this means total failure.

  • Lack of Experience

The company anniversary planner’s ability to cope efficiently with a difficult circumstance is frequently the key to a successful event. If you do not hire a proper event planner, you may have to cope with the planner’s inexperience.

  • Cost Factor

When hiring a company event planner, be absolutely clear about your budget. This will ensure that you do not go over budget. Hiring the appropriate event planning company might really save you a lot of money and effort.


Why 24owlsGroup and Not Other Company Anniversary Planners?

With all of that above being said, it may discourage you to decide whether to hire a company anniversary planner or not. But that would not be the case with us, TwentyFourOwls, who will provide you with:

Reasonably Priced Service

This is the most crucial consideration. As effective corporate event planners, we make certain that we always stay within our clients’ budgets and provide the best possible solution.

A Broad Network Connection

Our large network of connections ensures a wide range of possibilities and a star-studded guest list for every business event. This provides clients an advantage.

Tailored with Personalization

We specialize in tailoring events and activities to our clients’ specific needs. Customers do not want the same event to be repeated year after year; your employees and suppliers demand more from the event; they want to see something fresh and different.

On-Time Delivery

Most significantly, we take pleasure in meeting deadlines. We make every effort to meet every deadline.


24owlsGroup’ Past Works

Carnival World takes pleasure in being recognized for its work with numerous prominent clientele in many areas throughout the years. People’s Association, Fujitec, Jcube, Bedok Mall  and many more are on the list.

Check out our portfolio below to see some highlights from previous events, and then contact us to get a price for your own!


Consult Now and Let’s Plan an Unforgettable Company Anniversary Together!

As one of the best company anniversary planner specialists in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, we are willing to lend you a helping hand to give you company anniversary ideas and organize the most memorable company anniversary celebrations you’d ever have. So, if you’re seeking for a competent and efficient company anniversary event planner, TwentyFourOwls would be of help. Get in touch with us now and throw the best company anniversary in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur Malaysia!


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