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Top Grand Opening & Ground Breaking Ceremony Event Planner In Singapore & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

24owlsGroup is the grand opening & Ground breaking event planner in Singapore 2022 that offers a wide range of launch mechanism ideas and customised solutions. From a simple ribbon cutting ceremony to a puzzle light box launch mechanism activity, we are here o help create a memorable grand opening ceremony for your company or organisation!

Problem That You Will Face When Planning Grand Opening & Ground Breaking Ceremony in Singapore Without Event Planner

1. Know the Different Types

A grand opening may last several days, with a different goal for every one of those days. A “soft” opening is basically reserved for family and close friends, followed by a “industry sneak look” for other people working in the hotel sector, and finally a “grand opening” that is free and available to everyone.

Because this is when you’ll make the most errors, you should start with a gentle opening that just includes those in your immediate circle. Your friends will be truthful in their evaluations of the caliber of your services. Additionally, they’ll be the most sympathetic when something goes wrong. This event’s goal is to test all of your systems, make sure everything is functioning properly, and collect feedback so you can get better.

2. Utilize Different Marketing Methods

You can market your soft launch, industry sneak look, and big opening in a variety of methods. Since you only want people with whom you have personal relationships, word of mouth is the main driver of the soft open. Although the industry sneak peek is also fueled by word of mouth, it also entails some street teams visiting hotels in your market to interact with the staff there.

3. Collect Feedback and Adjust

After our industry sneak look and soft opening, I took a two-week break so that my team could make the necessary improvements. I placed feedback forms on each table during the soft opening in order to gather any input customers may have about our service. In order to get as much information as I could, I also individually spoke with the visitors both during and after the ceremony. I was able to alter my service and make any necessary adjustments to the infrastructure thanks to the information I received.

4. Train Your People

The success of a grand opening is significantly influenced by investing in effective employee training. We put a lot of effort and resources into training our staff members on our goods, service procedures, and expected behaviors.


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24owlsGroup Will Help You Create Unforgotable  Grand Opening & Ground Breaking Ceremony

Most companies don’t have a grand opening ceremony for their products or services. However, if you do, and you need help organising it, we are here to help! We’ll work with you to come up with the most creative grand opening ceremony for your business or organisation.

If you are looking to hire us, we will provide you with an exclusive package that includes: A customised script Audio and video clips Invitations, giveaways, and thank you cards A grand opening ceremony script A grand opening ceremony PowerPoint presentation Professional photography and videography And much more! The script is written in a way that makes the ceremony personal and memorable, so that people will want to share it with others. It can also be used as a reference for future ceremonies.

Live Entertainment Provides a Lively Atmosphere

The most effective technique to start the day off well is frequently with live entertainment. Your parking lot can become a party area with the help of live music acts or DJs, making your grand opening an occasion that everyone will remember. We offer everything you require to maintain a lively atmosphere and engaged guests. This covers everything, including the crew as well as the tents, tables, and chairs. Our MCs and event organizers will be present to keep the party going and take care of all the practical details so you can socialize and establish a reputation in the neighborhood.

Catering That Keep Your Guests Coming Back for More

Since we’ve been among the top catering businesses utilized for work fu for so long, we are aware of what clients desire. Simple hors d’oeuvres and specialty drinks served on trays may bring a whole new level of sophistication to an open house. Our catering team is consistently well-groomed and free of competing logos or company names.

We solely promote your business and your event, in contrast to other catering firms. Perhaps something a little more substantial, like a luncheon, is called for by your event. All of our event menus are tailored to your company’s demands and dietary restrictions. From upscale sandwiches and wraps to tender tri-tip barbecued over a wood BBQ, we do it all.

Unique Launching Mechanism

Confetti Cannon: This launch system is the ideal supplemental solution for any great opening effect! Hire up to 6 confetti cannons for your upcoming grand opening event right now, depending on the size of your stage!

Hand Touch Moving Light Pedestal: Another straightforward tool that your VIPs or guest of honor can use to initiate any program or product launch.

I-Ball Display: One of Singapore’s most well-liked launchers is the I-Ball! The I-ball is a transparent globe with a pedestal that displays a unique message, brand, or design. This gadget fits nicely into any opening events thanks to its amazing images and magnificent crystal-clear display!

And many more, contact us to find out other creative launching mechanism that can be tailored to suit your need

Why Hire 24owlsGroup As Your Event Planner and Organise For Grand Opening & Ground Breaking Ceremony in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

The Events Company can provide you with everything you need to plan and run your own bespoke grand opening and ground breaking ceremony with complete peace of mind.

We can help with planning, production and delivery of your event, all while offering our service of choice for the event management company. We can also take care of your guests, staff and venue – including all transport, catering and entertainment – and we will work with you to ensure that your event is a success.

What Our Clients Say “We have used Events Company for our recent corporate event and they were professional and courteous throughout, very responsive and always able to meet our needs and requests.

24owlsGroup is leading event planning organiser based in Singapore with plentiful experience handling various types of events. Since first founded, 24owlsGroup has become one of the leading event planner in Singapore. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional service and value to our clients.

24owlsGroup had been trusted by local and international brand, such as Singtel, Fujitec, CapitaLand, MooMoo and many more.

Unlock the magic of your dream event by sharing your planning needs with us. Submit your request and let us make it a reality.




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