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Event planning is a process of organizing and coordinating all aspects of an event, from start to finish. It includes tasks such as setting a theme, choosing a venue, managing vendors and suppliers, and ensuring that all details are taken care of. In Singapore, hiring a professional event planner is becoming increasingly popular as it can help to save time, reduce stress and ensure that the event is a success. Event planners in Singapore have experience in planning a wide range of events, including corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, product launches and social events.

They have the knowledge and expertise to handle all aspects of the event planning process. By working with an event planner, you can ensure that your event is well-organized, runs smoothly, and that all the details are taken care of. This will help you to relax and enjoy the event, confident that everything is being handled by a professional. Your big day will always be your favorite day in your entire life. A memorable day should be held as a well-managed event that will not only make yourself proud of it, but also have your guests enjoying themselves.

However, it is the right time to look for event planning Singapore. When it comes to managing client events, there are a few vital components required to make any event successful, and here’s a helpful event planning checklist to help you plan the perfect event.

Since society is back to normal these days, many big events will return and invite a huge amount of people. Some people might still don’t know what event planning is and how an event planning company works to help their client. 

Event planning is the process of managing a meeting, conference, exhibition, ceremony, staff training event, party, or convention. Basically, can be either a company event planning or individual one.  The event planning process usually includes budgeting, setting timelines, selecting and reserving event sites, obtaining permits, planning food, coordinating transportation, developing a theme, arranging activities, selecting speakers and keynotes, making preparations for contingency plans.


Achieving Event Excellence: The Different Types of Events Event Planners in Singapore Typically Plan


Event planners in Singapore have experience in planning a wide range of events, each with their own unique characteristics and requirements. Some of the most common types of events that event planners typically plan include:


Type of Event Description Key Elements
Corporate events events organized by companies for networking, team building or promoting their products or services Professional atmosphere, clear agenda and objective, attention to detail
Weddings events to celebrate the union of two people Personalization, attention to cultural or religious traditions, guest management
Birthday parties events to celebrate someone’s birthday Theme, entertainment, guest management
Product launches events to unveil a new product or service Branding, product demonstration, attention to detail
Social events events such as charity events, galas, or fundraisers Specific theme, guest management, attention to detail


Each type of event requires a unique approach and set of skills. Corporate events, for example, often require a more professional and structured approach, while weddings and birthday parties are more personal and focused on creating a memorable experience for the guests. Event planners in Singapore have the expertise to understand the different requirements of each type of event and plan accordingly.

Company Event Planner’s Duties

A company event planner, whether working for an event planning company or another business, assures that everything associated with an event is handled, from concept creation through preparations and day-of logistics. A corporate event planner is usually charged with creating client’s visions to life. They must also explore venues, request bids, manage vendor connections and client interactions, create and negotiate contracts, and manage budgets, all of these are common tasks of the event planner duties.

In addition, a corporate event planner in Singapore needs to keep up to date, and frequently proactive, on event planning, design, and production trends, while constantly recognizing and resolving issues. Also, constantly observe legal, insurance, health, and safety regulations. Basically, it is the company event planner’s responsibility to guarantee that the customer or company can concentrate on the big event at hand without worrying about the rest, while the specific details are handled. 



Reasons Why You Need an Event Planner?

Event planning can be stressful. Trying to figure out how to organize your event properly will take a lot of your time. From A-Z, everything needs to be organized perfectly. Sometimes you’re wondering how do you even know where to start?  

However, there is good news!

You are not alone and trapped to prepare your event on your own. A qualified company event planner like twentyfourowls understands what to do with your plans. Hiring the right event planner might even save you time and energy while also making sure your budget. Here is why you should hire a professional to help you!

Event Planners Help You to Reduce Your Stress

When you hire a professional event planner in Singapore,  you can relax and not think about other stuff. Knowing that professionals have taken the stress of planning off your shoulders, and that the outcomes will go with your expectations.

Make Your Vision Into Reality

Professional event planners can create the type of innovative, memorable moment that an amateur person is unlikely to be able to match. The most important aim of your planner is to see your vision come to life just as you pictured it. 

Event Planners Know Legal and Logistical Requirement 

When you deal with a professional corporate event planner in Singapore, you can rely on them to ensure that requirements such as room capacity, fire rules, and so on are followed. A professional will also be familiar with the venue’s rules and restrictions, such as if you are permitted to bring in your own audiovisual crew. Is there a limit on the height of the decorations? You will avoid costly problems if you rely on a professional who is familiar with all regulations and limits.

How to choose the right event planner in Singapore

Choosing the right event planner in Singapore is crucial to the success of your event. Here are a few key factors to consider when selecting an event planner:

  • Experience and portfolio: Look for an event planner with a proven track record of successful events. Review their portfolio to get a sense of their experience and the types of events they have planned in the past.
  • Reputation and references: Ask for references and check online reviews to get a sense of the event planner’s reputation. Look for planners who have a positive reputation within the industry.
  • Communication and organization skills: A good event planner should be able to communicate effectively and be well-organized. This is essential to ensure that your event runs smoothly.
  • Cost and budgeting: Be sure to discuss your budget with the event planner and ensure that they can work within your budget constraints. It’s also important to find an event planner who is transparent about their pricing and can provide a detailed breakdown of costs.

One reliable event planner in Singapore is twentyfourowls.com. They have extensive experience in planning a wide range of events and have a reputation for delivering successful and memorable events. They offer a variety of services including venue sourcing, vendor management, budgeting and financial management, theme development and design, and event marketing and promotion.

Best Practices When Creating an Event Plan

When you are about to design an event, whether it is small or even big, you should know the steps and right practices before creating it. 

Set Your Goals

Setting goals is always the first step in any planning process. Always ask yourself ahead of time, ‘What do you want to gain from this event?’ A clear set of goals may help you keep to a core strategy and deliver a fantastic event.

Locate Your Venue

Check to see if your chosen location is suitable with your goals. Before making a reservation, always ensure that the accommodation is appropriately equipped for your needs and inquire about any additional expenses. Remember to inquire about any additional services, such as parking, transportation to and from the site, and catering options.

Fix the Date

This is a crucial consideration that many people seem to miss. Make sure you choose a date that is perfect for your target audience. You also have to make sure that it does not interfere with any holidays or important calendar events, both inside and outside of your business.

Design Your Plan

Make a schedule for yourself that includes all of the things you must accomplish before the event. This plan may change, but it is essential that you clearly see all that has to be done.

D-Day Event

You should arrive early on the day of the event to ensure that everything is in line. Not to forget, greet any important guests or speakers and give them the best service you can have. Also, prepare your event rundown ahead of time. You can bring event logistics to the venue early that morning, or the day before, so that any event souvenirs and things may be constructed or put where needed in plenty of time. Don’t forget to evaluate after any event. Analyze how you may better manage your time or duties in the future to increase productivity and improve your planning and preparation abilities. Creating an event on your own will not be easy, so the help from professional event planning companies will never go wrong!

Why You Need Us

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