6 Guides For Planning A Company’s Luxury Event

You know the basics of event planning and how to deal with inevitable problems. You are considering taking your business to the next level and entering the luxury events market.

Clients in the high-end segment of the marketplace have high expectations for their purchases. Understanding their mindset is an essential part of your job, especially when they want to buy something that isn’t in your price range.

Luxury consumers believe that luxury goods or luxury event design and services are about differentiating themselves from others. If you want to be successful, you must differentiate yourself and your offerings from competitors.


What you need to know about luxurious events

To be a successful luxury event planner, you have to think about networking. Connect professionally with other event planners, and get tips from them about their experiences in the industry.

Many large-scale luxury events frequently include cooperation between planning businesses, event production companies, and flower designers. If you want to attract high-profile luxury clients, respect their desires for publicity or privacy. When it comes to getting referral-led customers, there are no shortcuts. You have to follow these demands. If you don’t, your referrals will quickly dry up.

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask if your guests would be open to media coverage and social media posts of their high-end events for your luxury events.

Keep track of your customers and their guests’ preferences. Track their preferences for specific events, such as weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, graduation parties, business meetings, etc. All the staff will be able to use this software to create customized party lists.

An example of this would be a well-executed wedding. It’s common for businesses to open on certain dates to make it easier for customers to remember. Make sure you’re tracking what doesn’t work, so you don’t waste time on ideas that don’t move you forward.

How to make your event luxurious?

If you are planning on doing high-end event planning, you should already know what to do. If you don’t understand what distinguishes luxury events from other events, stop and do your research.

Take a look at magazines like The Luxury Network Magazine or WedLuxe and search the word ‘luxury’ on Issuu for high-end publications. Instagram is the #1 platform for an insider’s look at the luxury experience. You should only follow accounts that relate to event planning. 

Some elements of a luxury event:

  • There are many flowers forming ceiling installations. 
  • There are crystal statuettes for every guest. 
  • A celebrity chef is going to cook for the occasion. 
  • Crystal chandeliers and fairy lights are a part of the night. 
  • Drone videography. 
  • A famous band, a choir, or a string quartet can be considered live music. 

When it comes to luxury events, there are elements that wow guests with their exclusivity, artistry, and beauty. With 24 Owls Group event management team, you can always plan your next biggest events with us successfully.

Here are 6 keys to planning your luxurious events:

Decide what’s more important to you

Make a list of what you want to see at your event. What would you want to achieve? What do you want people to think about? It is possible to create memories that will last a lifetime. The world’s best event planners have never created anything like you are planning.

It’s best to work with an event designer throughout the process, that is 24 OwlsGroup. It’s important to be clear on what you want from the first consultation to make sure your vision is fulfilled. Speak up and not like what you are doing. Catering, entertainment, venues, photographers, videographers, florists, audio-visual experiences, and drinks are some of the things you might think of.

We all have strong views on the issue of sustainable living. If we want to be on the same page, we need to know what you want from the process and the end. Being prepared will ensure you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Choose your event date

It is helpful to think about the season and the likely availability lead time if you have a preferred public location in mind. It will be less of an issue if you are hosting at home or on your own grounds.

It is possible that you need to coordinate with other members of the family in order to avoid a diary clash. Annual social events can be a challenge. You should avoid them if they are not in the diary. They are the reason for so much misery. It is important for event planners to consider the dates and agenda. It is a good idea to get your planner’s advice about what to expect.

Carefully plan your budget

It is important to come up with a number early on in the process. It may be a good idea to get the discussion of finances out into the open for some. Once your event manager or planner knows your budget, they will apply their considerable wherewithal to access and negotiate with the best suppliers to ensure the project stays on budget. This will allow you to focus on the aspects of the event that appeal most to you.

You should also plan the dress code

If you want to take the next step that matters, you’ll need to decide what matters most to you.

One of the best ways to keep your luxury event planner happy is to provide clarity around dress codes. This will ensure your guests are comfortable and confident when they arrive at your event.

You should pay attention to the privacy of your guest

As you get to the top of your game, always be mindful of the difference between public and private. If your brand is a sponsor or host of a fashion show or charity event, then the odds are they’ll be eager to attract media and social media coverage. 

The luxury experience firm Oren Co uses an ultra-minimalist website that only allows access to their portfolios after a client request. Van Wyck & Van Wyck has a protected section on their website where exclusive portfolios prospects can’t view without a password.

Don’t forget to do networking

Be a good listener. Maintain good professional relationships with other event planners, and ask them about their experiences, how you can improve your planning skills, and how you can use your skills to help their business grow.

This could happen at any time. When it does, you want to have some good recommendations ready that will help your case get in front of an attorney who may have more available time than you.

Luxury events are typically collaborations between planning firms, event production companies, and floral designers. Thus, building professional connections is vital to your success.

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